Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Vintage Nights Inspired Outfit for The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas - Rose.Rabbit.Lie

I had the pleasure of creating a style board for The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, the vision behind the post was to plan an outfit for a night out at the 'Rose.Rabbit.Lie. A modern supper club that blurs the line between restaurant, bar, club and live entertainment.'

 How would I get dolled up?  A vintage theme was the basis, but I decided that incorporating elements of vintage nostalgia adds a touch of further interest to an outfit. For me 'black' is my go to colour, the options for a black outfit are endless yet I believe each one can mark its individuality - and that is what I set out to do.

I love the seductiveness of lace, I adore the cut outs on clothing pieces as it show cases my daring side. I own a pair of tattoo print stocking/tights and these just add such a sexy gothic look! Paired with a pretty and girly lace bra and panty we all know what 'happens in Vegas stays in Vegas' for that extra touch after a night out.

So here you have a sexy little number underneath for the night, a gorgeous lace skirt for the evening paired with a cut out cute top, I decided to add a touch of fur with a cape coat this oozes classy glamour to my chosen outfit. Paired with a iconic shoe from Christian Louboutin, it is sure to turn heads with that red sole and matching red lipstick. 

My personal preference for jewellery is statement bangles, nothing beats a wrist adorned in gold bracelets on one arm and on the other a vintage Chanel black and gold cuff bracelet, for an evening I prefer to choose jewellery as oppose to a watch - watches to me can be very corporate and I prefer to leave this for day time glamour. Tear drop earrings and a small choker style necklace.

To further my vintage touch I've chosen a statement handbag from Louis Vuitton, there is so much history behind the brand and this monogram print, it was only right to add this to complete the look I was going for. This is an outfit I would wear and choose for a dinner, clubbing, a bar and to enjoy the nights entertainment. 

This outfit to me is like nothing else, it's alluring, fascinating and seductive for a night out at the 'Rose.Rabbit.Lie', bringing an enigmatic reception if I was to walk in to an even more mystifying Rose. Rabbit.Lie at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas.

A luminous scent of Chanel Coco Noir spritz all over me complete with my vintage theme, I have added a sensuous masquerade mask to give a provocative feel to my outfit for the night - I'm quite sure I would fit into the SHOW!

"A touch of vintage inspiration, gothic, sultry, lace and racy a perfect combination for the one who wants more. An outfit created that I would wear myself for a night out at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Rose.Rabbit.Lie. A modern twist of luxury items which complement my love for the simplicity of black - lace, fur and a touch of masquerade mask for that seductive and secret look for the night." - Dyno

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