Sunday, 14 September 2014

Christian Louboutin - Beaute Loubooutin - Rouge Louboutin

I had quite the anticipated wait when I found out that Christian Louboutin was coming out with a beauty product. From the second I saw a clip of 'something beautiful is coming' I checked day and night just to see what was going on. 

'Christian Louboutin Beaute' - the first ever beauty line revealed in August 2014 with its star masterpiece of the range being 'Rouge Louboutin'.

It was the sole. It was the red sole. It was the lacquer of the red sole. It was red. It was shiny. It was coming to life. It was about to embrace my nails. The very red nail lacquer that Monsieur Louboutin used to paint the bottom of the sole. Plus thirty other different colours. 

A little history informs me that Christian Louboutin actually used his assistants nail polish which she was using to paint her nails and it was that which gave him the idea for the now-iconic red patent shiny sole - his unique signature. He said: “The sole was born from red nail polish. I am giving back to nails what the shoe took from the nails many years ago.

The polish is housed in these gorgeous crystal style cut glass bottles topped with stiletto/high heel lids with a finish similar to that of the Louboutins patent shoes. The bottles are by far the strangest yet unique design never seen before. It's beauty lies within the its details where inspiration for the design has been taken from art and buildings (calligraphy, paint brushes, European buildings from the 17th and 18th centuries).

The entire 31 piece collection of polishes is split into four categories 'Rouge Louboutin' - iconic red, 'The Nudes' - neutrals and nudes, 'The Noirs' - darks and metallic, 'The Pops' - brights and neons. To differentiate 'Rouge Louboutin' in particular its brush is designed to stand the tallest at 8 inches height taking inspiration from the 'Lynch Ballerina' used in the Louboutin Beauty campaign. Rouge Louboutin is also in particularly housed in a darker black glass bottle as oppose to a clear one like the others.

 I got my 'Rouge Louboutin' the day of its first online launch before it hit stores I believe. Rouge Louboutin was released first in August followed by the 30 other colours in September. When the remaining launched I headed down to Selfridges and Harrods to check them out and pick a few I fancied. Here they are in full glory - display in Harrods London. 

I tried them all on thanks to the wonderful girls at Louboutin Harrods providing their polish remover - after all I didn't have enough finger nails to try them all on! The bright pinks I wanted were sold out and after testing out the colours I found I didn't need every single nude and some colours don't always suit every skin tone. I tend to shy away from darks and metallics because they don't look right on me. I prefer brights or nudes and at most I'll wear browns and reds.

I came home with 'Farida' - bronze brown, 'Tres Decollete' - baby pink, 'Just Nothing' - light nude, 'Me Nude' - dark nude. I will be going back for the pinks, greys and maybe a few others as a treat. I'll do my classic nails of the day looks with each colour in seperate posts so you can see what they look like. Below is my little collection so far, has anyone else tried them out? 

They are on the very pricey side, but definitely a treat to own - perhaps one you can put on your Christmas list?! Because you do feel pretty fancy when you use it!

Dyno x

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