Monday, 13 January 2014

OPI 'Alpine Snow' Nail Lacquer

I've shared this nail lacquer before - it's OPI 'Alpine Snow' which is a simple bright clean white colour. Yes it reminds me of snow and the colour of my car which is also called 'Alpine'! Coincidence much? I think not when I picked it up I was like heyyyyyyy that matches!!!

What I am sharing is the shape of my nails today 'Squoval'- I use to have super square nails, then I got into pointed or rounded nails because they suit my fingers more, but today when I chose white as my polish colour I decided to have my nails filed down short as they were breaking more easily so I thought they needed to be reshaped and have a new gel coat applied on top to keep them staying strong.

And so I have 'Squoval Nails' - not too square but slightly oval/rounded off as well. I think it compliments the white colour better as it can look quite harsh when too pointed or too square.

Looks so pretty I've been glaring at my nails all day! White is such a clean colour I love it!

Dyno x


  1. Look who's blog I found 🙊 love it boo

  2. Look who's blog I found 🙊 love it boo

  3. I think I might have 2 try this nail color. Love ur Tiffany's!!! Can I ask who makes ur watch? All adorable!!