Sunday, 12 January 2014

My Hair Care Routine

I have finally got round to sharing a hair care routine with you lovelies! This is a highly requested post! I always always get asked about what I use on my hair to get the shine, thickness and length and how is it so healthy?! I don't think my hair is that long I wish it was longer!! But I do think it maintains shine and thickness and is overall very healthy! 

I'll be very honest with you guys - my hair since I was a child has always been thick, wavy, unruly, hard to manage and 'bush monkey' as my brother describes it! But when I found my way around highlights, blow dryers and hair irons my hair started to change, although it became amazingly manageable and colourful I found that as age went on hair gets less thicker and begins to fall out - not to mention damaged! Horror!

I had blonde hair for about 7 years (16 when I first got blonde highlights and the highlights went blonder each visit to the hair dresser), over the last 2 years I went from light brown to dark and now back to my natural root colour black. My hair has experienced a lot of chemical processing but this whole time I invested in great hair masks which maintained my hair and still kept it healthy through all the dramatic changes.

But what I credit the most over the last 3 years for maintaining the growth, shine, thickness and health of my hair is Almond and Coconut oil. I swear by these oils, they work for me. Almond oil gives the shine and softness, Coconut oil gives my hair thickness and volume. The growth part of my hair is a combination of both oils bringing strength to my hair and nourishing my roots but more importantly combining the use of the oils with regular trims - not inches off but even half an inch often makes a difference. My hair falls out less as well since I started using these hair oils.

  • Almond Oil
    • Almond oil has sooooo many benefits and it contains nutrients such as polyunsaturated and mono fatty acids, alongside vitamins E, D, B1, B2, B6 and A. The vitamin E content in particular is highly present in almond oil and it conditions the hair providing strength and shine. Together all the nutrients mentioned stimulate growth, reduce fall out and breakage. In particular I have found Almond oil gives my extreme shine and the softness is just insane!
  • Coconut Oil
    • Coconut oil firstly provides moisture therefore eliminating the dryness experienced by hair, When hair is dry it is prone to breakage and split ends, Coconut oil can help reduce this. Coconut oil helps bring back luster and shine to the hair and makes it softer. It also stimulates hair growth by nourishing the roots deep into it's follicles - thus hair grows longer and thicker. I personally have found coconut oil minimising any hair fall out.

My hair routine in general - I shampoo and condition my hair Monday, Wednesday and Friday (every other day basically I wash my hair).

How often I use the oils - Each Sunday I either use a deep conditioning treatment mask or oil my hair (So every other week I oil my hair - that's twice a month).

How I use and apply the oil - I get a small pan and add half almond and half coconut oil, enough oil that will cover my whole head - I just guess and estimate the coverage it doesn't need to be perfect. I heat the oil so it's luke warm not hot and just dip my fingers and apply and massage small amounts starting at my roots and working through to the ends till my hair is fully covered in the oil but it must not be dripping wet - it should apply like conditioner really.

How long to leave it on - This is entirely up to you but my personal preference is to apply before I go to bed, put it in a loose side pony/braid/plat, put a towel on my pillow and sleep with it on overnight. Or leave it on for a few hours.

How to rinse it out - It takes about 2 sometimes 3 shampoos to fully rinse out the oil and you will immediately notice the difference, your hair feels so soft to touch it's insane. The day I oil my hair when I wash it out I don't use a conditioner after just shampoo. Dry and style like normal.

One other oil I adore is a finishing oil after I have styled my hair: Moroccan Oil Treatment which you can read my review on here. Moroccan Oil just adds a nice glossy finish to my hair and it stays smooth and soft all day.

Below my hair is styled simply straight and the length and thickness after blow dry and curling it - so you can see it maintains plenty of 'oomph' even after all the styling, can you imagine how full and thick it must be without the styling. (There is no deliberate volume added or back combing, just blow dried straight to bring back some control and GHD's to add curls and tame it).

Where to buy: Almond and Coconut oil is available in pharmacies and various health stores, I change up the brands I use sometimes, but I managed to find the above oils mentioned at my local Tesco, Amazon and eBay. Moroccan Oil is easily available at your local hair salons and online from various retailers.

If you would like to see some of my recommend and favorite shampoos, conditioners and masks I use then you can see the list mentioned above on 'My Favorites' tab. I hope you enjoyed this post, if you have any other questions feel free to drop a comment or email me. Have a glossy week!

Dyno x


  1. I always am tempted to try out Coconut oil but this has cemented it in my mind - definitely purchasing a tub for myself! Your hair is gorgeous!

    Nell at And Nell Writes

    1. Awww, I hope you do try it and it works well for you too. Thank you so much xxx

  2. Your hair always looks amazing! I know people swear by the Morrocan Oil! I definitely need to invest in some.

  3. Love it boo!! So glad I found your blog 🙊😘