Thursday, 6 June 2013

The Body Shop - Bits and Pieces...

Hey guys hope your all doing well! 

I popped into the Body Shop a couple of weeks ago to pick up my favorite makeup removing wipes which I blogged about here. I decided to pick and and try some other bits for your face:

Facial Buffer
Facial Loofah Pads
Facial Massager

I really really like the Facial Buffer - I use it with a facial scrub and I just like the control and pressure I get when I use it. It makes my skin feel squeaky clean and really well exfoliated. The other cool product is the Facial Loofah Pads - now these are quite rough, even when wet but I really appreciate how it works on my nose pores. It's quite abrasive and can make your skin go red, while I didn't have any redness it did work great at removing makeup, dirt and excess sebum on my nose; that's the only part of my skin that gets oily especially when the weather warms up. My pores are more prominent so the loofah pads exfoliate elements that encourage them to be more visible.

The facial massager in my opinion is great tool. Now some may call me lazy for not just using my fingers to massage my face but I actually just give preference to this little massaging device and if I'm honest it's quite fun or funny! I did however on a more serious note realise that my complexion looked much more plump and healthier - I guess the massage to get the blood flow rolling really works so i'm not complaining either way!

I'm really enjoying these new products I've incorporated into my skin care routine and if your after a exfoliating partner definitely check out the buffer or pads. If your feeling really fancy pants grab the massager! I totally love it!

Dyno x


  1. I love the facial buffer, it gets into my pores more and lets me got longer in between using a mask. I tell everyone to us them.

  2. I love your blog, I want to buy YLS Rouge volupte number 27..I'm convinced!