Wednesday, 8 May 2013

MAC Fashion Sets: Heroine Lipstick & Lip Pencil - Review, Photos & Swatches

"Bold brights with a modern edge in four coordinated sets featuring our favourite textures and finishes. The powerful purple of Heroine, the playful pink of Silly, the red-hot scarlet of Ablaze and the full-on fuchsia of Embrace Me - each available in Lipstick, Lipglass, Nail Lacquer and Eye Shadow." MAC.

In the month of May there have been about four collection releases one of which is the Fashion Sets, Heroine lipstick is re-promote from a previous collection and every MAC addict regardless of liking the colour purple has to have the beauty Heroine! 

So even I after seeing the rave and rants about the re-release of Heroine decided I was going to get my paws on one too. And oh my what a fight it was to get one!

For me this is a really bold, bright and definitely not an everyday colour. I'll be needing to try out a few different looks with this lipstick before I'm satisfied with the colour of it. It's quite daring and if I'm completely honest it's hard when you have a tanned, golden or caramel complexion (NC43.5). The yellow tones in my skin do clash with it a little; but it's not bad in any way. 

I found this really hard to photograph in terms of getting the colour right, but with flash above left is true to it's form and above right is true to it's form in the evening light. It's a true purple in some lights and it's a magenta in other lights.

The only purple toned lipstick I have is Strong Woman which is more of a darker plum toned lipstick. Heroine in comparison to Strong Woman in my opinion is a lot brighter when applied. Apart from this I don't know of any other dupes for Heroine - this sold out within the first two days of going up for sale. So it's extremely popular with it's releases!

New for the first time was Heroine Lip Pencil to accompany the Heroine Lipstick and I also picked this because I liked the colour so much! I thought at first like many others that Magenta Lip Pencil by MAC is a dupe, while it is very very close it definitely leans more pink and Heroine is a true purple and identical to the lipstick; which in my opinion is worth the buy. Heroine next to Magenta may look similar but you can identify the colour difference. The two completely transform the way the lipstick looks on: Magenta Lip Pencil makes Heroine look...well Magenta purplish colour with more pink and Heroine Lip Pencil with Heroine Lipstick is a bright purple!

I'm pleased I got this colour even though I'm not sure how much love it will get but I'm going to try it out considering my favorite artist The Dream made a sexy song called: 'Purple Kisses'!!!!

Dyno x

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