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Ben Nye Media Pro NK-1 Conceal All Wheel Concealer - Review, Photos & Swatches

"Concealers fit in the palm of your hand in compact four-color Wheel. All are now formulated in the MediaPRO formula for a flawless natural finish that needs little powder." - Ben Nye.

Ben Nye Media Pro NK-1 Conceal All Wheel Concealer is a professional and quality concealer used by makeup artists. I decided to give this concealer a go after falling in love with the Ben Nye Powders which I reviewed here

What I immediately loved about this concealer was it's coverage in one swipe. Over the last few weeks I've had a chance to test out the colours and use them for neutralizing, concealing and highlighting purposes.

This particular palette is used for neutralizing blue/red veins and marks on light - to - medium skin tones. If you ever notice nowadays there isn't very many concealers that do a great job at neutralizing, concealing yes but eventually after a few hours the blue, red or green comes through or it's a total mismatch, decided to turn grey or orange etc etc... you get my vibe.

Ben Nye Conceal-All Wheel in NK-1 is a effective four-color concealer palette which includes shades:: 
  • NB-1 Blue Neutralizer No.1
  • NB-2 Blue Neutralizer No.2
  • NT-2 Tattoo Cover No.2
  • NR-1 Red Neutralizer No.1

It comes in a 0.5oz./14gm container and you can expect 70-200 applications (approximate only). It's a brilliant size if I'm honest as you can just throw it in your makeup bag and the fact that it holds four different shades is indeed extremely handy; for when I'm away on holidays I've got a selection of concealing and neutralizing colours on hand or using it on others while doing their makeup. 

While personally I don't have an issue or need to be neutralizing but I do love me some concealing for a more awake look, or the odd mark that likes to appear after a blemish. This concealer wheel does just that and it's very effective.

Some have compared it to MAC's Studio Finish Concealer; they are some what similar in terms of texture and you have to work quickly with as it does dry up. Your fingers are your best tool with this products as they are with Studio Finish too as it heats up the concealer and makes it easier to maneuver the product. 

In comparison to MAC's Studio Finish Concealer, Ben Nye's Concealer Wheel is longer lasting, provides more pigmented coverage and because it has the neutralizing property combined with four shades it's a better all rounder product - not to forget more value for money!

However in terms of coverage I found this to be much much better and more effective at concealing than MAC's Studio Finish Concealer. You can layer this product on and between each application it doesn't move, fade out or cake up. It definitely conceals the most stubborn marks and they really don't show through.

Once you have set this concealer with powder it won't crease, settle in fine lines or fade. It also does neutralize the area where it's needed and it's quite intriguing how it covers up and when foundation is applied it blends the whole thing together and doesn't alter your look.

On my NC42/NC43.5 skintone individually NB-1 NO.1 and NB-2 NO.2 work best in terms of matching my skintone I guess this is because I have blue veins (take a look on the inside of your wrist to identify the colour of your veins!) NT-2 NO.2 works well at concealing redness and blemishes due to the peach in it and NR-1 NO.1 works best as a under eye concealer/highlight.

What was really interesting for me though was when I mixed together all four concealers and I got a near perfect match to my skin tone, the concealing at this point is literally flawless! Below you can see the difference:

I'm very impressed with this concealer wheel I like having choice and this wheel definitely gives me that with the added bonus of great long lasting and effective coverage. It hasn't caused any breakouts, doesn't feel heavy to apply or cake. I do start by applying it with a brush and then blend it out with my fingers. 

For me it's not a everyday concealer because it's heavy duty - hence the make up artist/professional use purpose. I don't need heavy coverage for everyday but I do love using it for special occasions. I would highly recommend it if your in need of a more effective concealer than MAC Studio Finish or in general for skin that needs reliable and heavy coverage.

I bought mine at Guru Makeup Emporium for £10.50

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