Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer

It's always easy to shift the blame on someone else... and so today I'll be shifting it over to Chloe at BlushCrush. Behold the 'RIMMEL APOCALIPS'. 

I very rarely pick high street cosmetics not because I don't like them but because I just favour the likes of MAC, Dior, Chanel and YSL constantly. But when I caught glimpse of a new product which Chloe was raving about I thought out of curiosity I'll have a peak and swatch them, see what all the fuss is about; now I totally get it! Though my mum didn't quite get why I forget to buy the tomatoes because they were on the shopping list.... 

These new Apocalips by Rimmel are very interesting indeed, very pigmented, very effective, very sexy looking, very sufficient, very affordable and damn right kicking my YSL Glossy Stains behind.

Read on I'll tell you why?!...

They are available in 8 shades - Of which I got majority minus Nova, Nude Eclipse & Galaxy. There is a colour for everyone ranging from your nude lip to peaches, natural pinks to a bold bright pink or red lip! 
  • LUNA
  • NOVA

What are they?
They are basically a liquid lipstick, colour and power of a lipstick with the finishing touch of a satin smooth lipgloss. So neither both but a cocktail of it all! 

Each one is packed out with intense colour, pigmentation and reaches full opacity in just one to two coats, it's formula is thinner than I expected but thick enough to not feel gloopy on the lips. Seriously a better formula than the YSL Glossy Stain I reviewed here. These really demonstrate what a lip lacquer should do and be - too shiny and glossy looking for a lipstick but then also too pigmented and satiny looking for a lipgloss! 

What I love the most though is the wand, it really distributes the product well and you don't need to dip it back in when applying your coats because it absorbs the product and as you apply pressure it applies the excess absorbed. What's also great is they don't feel sticky at all. But sadly what I didn't like is how they smell - it's a bit strange like a pencil rubber and it really gets to me lol.

(LEFT-RIGHT: Luna, Celestial, Stella, Apocaliptic, Big Bang

The colours are fab, each one is unique, sadly I couldn't get the Nude Eclipse to work on me as it's way too concealer looking on my NC43.5 skin tone, I also left behind Galaxy which is a plummy kind of shade which I'm not really a fan of at the minute. Luna is a pretty standard peachy orange colour but the intensity makes it look lovely. Celestial is a muted rose beige pink a more pigmented version of a my lips but better kind of shade. Nova is a brighter version of a rose pink and sadly this was sold out but I'll be going back for it. Apocaliptic is a bright fuchsia pink. Stella is a coral/watermelon pink shade and Big Bang is your box standard bold red lip.

I love them all but if I had to choose one, just one I would pick Stella - it's different, it's not your typical coral kind of colour but it's absolutely beautiful, bright almost neon looking but suits a tan or my complexion perfectly. I can see it being my staple summer colour!

If I'm honest I cannot comment on the wear time, I tried each shade on today for photography purposes kept Stella on for about two hours whilst cleaning up but then wiped it completely off myself. I'll update the post when I wear these out some time. I also can't comment on the transfer and whether they bleed but Chloe very calmly said they transfer and bleed like a motherf*cker - her words not mine :) I take her words for it though.

Finally some photos...






I have to completely agree with my buddy Chloe that these are by far some of the best lip lacquers I have come across in-fact I think it's going to be tuff to beat them. They most certainly in my opinion are worth every penny in comparison to the YSL Glossy Stains I quite happily saved me some moolah and got myself some extra products for the price I would have paid for one and another YSL Glossy Stain which I was tempted too even though I didn't love them I liked them a little bit!

It's always a treat to have more than less right? Do your self a favour and head down to your local Boot's or Tesco who currently have a 3for2 offer!! They are priced as standard for £5.99! You won't be disappointed... QUICK the Apocalips of makeup is coming -  other brands you are doomed!

Hurray for Rimmel!

Dyno x


  1. Big bang is the best, so gorgeous:) x

  2. Yet to experience the wonderfulness of these! Japan tends to be always a little behind in these kinds of things...

    Blindly Beautiful

  3. Great review&swatches hun!I love all the shades on u may have to pick up Luna, Stella and Apocaliptic thanks for this!

    1. Thanks hun do share what you picked up! x

  4. Ha, thanks for the shout out my love! But you have to accept responsibility for your own naughtiness ;o)
    They look lovely on you by the way... I'm wearing Nova today, as I keep the accidental spare I have of it at work, and wasn't feeling my lip choice that I applied this morning. Yesterday was all about Stellar though... not sure which I love more, Stellar or Apocaliptic?! x

    1. lol we must indeed! Thank you hun, I think with Apocaliptic there's plenty of other bright pinks but stella is a sure winner for me! x

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