Thursday, 21 March 2013

Clutch Bags

Today I thought I'd share with you some cute pieces I've received. At Christmas my mum very kindly bought me a Swarovski encrusted clutch bag. For my Birthday in February two of my best friends also bought me clutch bags! And I absolutely love them!

Swarovski Encrusted Clutch Bag with Chain
This clutch bag is actually from Dubai, a small boutique who specializes in custom design bags. My mum very kindly chose this simple design as that's what I have always wanted with a detachable shoulder chain. I have to say it's extremely delicate and and harsh tugging would make it snap right off, however I don't see this as a flaw as it's the actual design itself which is delicate and intricate yet simple. It's a sophisticated piece which really does catch the light, so much so that it's incredibly difficult to photograph with the the light bouncing off it! The crystals are firmly in place and I have to say it's one breath taking piece! Depending on the amount of crystals you go for this particular style retails for approximately £150-£200 if not more.

New Look Colour Block Monochrome Clutch
This is an absolute on trend piece, I love the selection of neutral colours against the black and the simple gold plate at the closure to finish it off! I got asked by a few people where I got my bag from and it's from good old New Look! I actually really enjoy using it as a day clutch bag! It's simple but so lovely and spacious. I personally think it looks like a designer clutch bag - I'm thinking about those Prada triangular or rectangle style clutches and the photographs don't do it justice at all! But you know the best part it only costs £9.99 - I have spotted in a royal blue version so I've got my eye on that!

New Look Studded Nude Clutch Bag
This is also a on trend item, stud detailing has been sooooooo huge over the last year I'd say that it's just impossible for it to feel out of date, so long as you got some stud detailing going on somewhere I feel your literally bang on trend! This is quite the sophisticated piece actually what with the nude colour, silver plate detail, silver chain and carefully placed crystal bits, it's a pretty glamorous bag for the evening. This too is a bargain at £12.99, while I don't particularly like the stud and crystal detail mix on this design as it's not something or a mix I would usually go for, I do like that it's on a nude background and it's great for occasional use - I would have stuck to the nude and just spike studs to keep it clean and fierce.

Dyno x


  1. I love all of them so pretty!

  2. luvly clutches dyno ,luv the 2nd one !

  3. They're all so pretty. Loving the silver clutch alot!