Sunday, 31 March 2013

Chanel Fracas Le Vernis Nail Colour

On my nails today is this gorgeous summer ready shade from Chanel: 'FRACAS' #571
It's a beautiful balance of pink, orange and red Coral colour, yup you read that right! It's a Coral colour with the perfect amount of pink and orange and hints of red depending on what light you look at it in.

Quite a magic little thing, super bright and perfect for when the sun decides to grace us! For now I did my self some cheering up today as haven't been too well again! My nail technician was open on Easter Sunday and I got quite the treat as I had my typical square short nails back and even fitted in a nice relaxing pedicure!

In evening and bright lights this looks super bright pink and you can just about detect the gold shimmer in it, yet it's not actually transferred when applied to the nails, but it sure uses that gold to catch the light and really shine bright! During the day in natural light it's just pure reddy orange coral but in any light which it reflects it looks pink again!

My nail guy applied the first coat which dried almost immediately  but didn't achieve full opacity till the second coat was applied. By the third coat it was perfect coverage, looks alot thicker but evenly applied. Even two coats are perfect which I had on my toes and they look a tad more lighter but the finish, opaqueness and shine remains consistent.

It's a great formula, creamy yet not too thick or thin and as I said before it evens out straight away with the brush. It also maintains it's own shine but as always I love me a top coat to pro-long it's wear so I had that done for extra high shine.

I got this polish with Chanel's Spring 2013 collection - I believe it's a limited edition but no harm in checking out your local Chanel counter to see if any spare are available. I'm totally in love with this colour it' such a happy, juicy shade and perfect for summer!

Did I forget to mention sometimes it looks like a watermelon pink colour too?

Happy Easter Ladies!

Dyno x

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