Monday, 11 March 2013

Cape Cutie

I'm really into capes, every season I look for different styled ones, different lengths, different details and any one of them can be just perfect for transition between seasons. My outer wear therefore has got to be on point! Capes are my other obsession after coats and with many options they make it easier to wear into spring too. There's something about the way they flow; so elegant, so classy and such a "rich lady" look!

The one featured in this post is short length one, which is perfect because it covers just the bottom area (sometimes you just want a decent cover up) and I have to say the cut and fit of it is very neat and flattering. It's a wool blend, cashmere mix which means for the current freezing weather right now it's perfect and keeps you warm.

I added my faux fur collar with embellished details on it to add a touch of glamour to my look and I have to say not only was it comfortable, but kept my neck super warm. 

  • Rachel Zoe Cape Coat
  • Zara Faux Fur Bling Embellished Collar
  • Embellished Tights
  • Black Skirt H and M
  • Shoes Aldo Gyal Heels

Are you a Cape Cutie?

Dyno x

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