Monday, 11 February 2013

MAC Lipsticks from 'Strength Collection'

"Flex your femininity with a colour collection that's fearless, elegant and strong. Strike a powerful pose, stand out, redefine the notion of beauty - and do it with strength too irresistible to ignore." - MAC.

Quite a boring collection if you ask me, the eye palettes were easily dupable with the exception of the matte gray colours included; but for the sake of one colour I wasn't going to purchase the entire palette. So skip from me, eye pencils and mascaras were 'meh' and the blushes nothing special what with so many colours out there for contouring I found the shades similar to that and also easily dupable, they probably wouldn't show up on my NC43.5 skin tone. Skip skip skip there too.

But what wasn't boring and what I did want were the lipsticks, two of which were repromotes from the Iris Apfel collection which was only available online and I missed out on them, I blogged about here. I picked three lipsticks and one lip pencil.

  • Strong Woman Lipstick - 'Bright Violet'
  • Party Parrot Lipstick - 'Bright Red Pink'
  • Pink Pigeon Lipstick - 'Bright Cleanest Pink'
  • Embrace Me Lip Pencil - 'Vivid Pinkish Fuchsia'

The formula of all three lipsticks is a matte and I absolutely love matte formulas! So these lipsticks were a highlight for me from the collection, they are creamy mattes but I don't feel like they dry out my lips. 

Super bright colours I must admit, I'm quite confident with neons, pinks and reds but I must say I feel a little hesitant pulling a purple lipstick this bright off (Strong Woman). I will be trying a few looks later this week so I'll post it up if it looks nice! Haha! 

I needed a pink lip pencil for some of my bright toned pink lipsticks so I picked up Embrace Me lip pencil too, it goes with quite a few of the recent bright pink, neon pink and blue based pink lipsticks I've purchased.

(Left to Right: Strong Woman, Party Parrot Pink Pigeon) 
(Top: Embrace Me Lip Pencil)

Only the lipsticks are completely sold out online, I tried purchasing on first day of online launch and they were gone. I was lucky enough to get them in store though but I assume with the rate these were quickly sold online they may go quickly from stores!

Has anyone else picked these up? bright or what?!! What did you think of the rest of collection?

Dyno x


  1. U picked pretty colours hunny love them all. Would pick strong woman and e lip pencil maybe.thanks for e swatches<3

    1. Thanks sharon thats ok glad you like! xx