Monday, 4 February 2013

MAC Double Shot Lipstick

MAC 'Double Shot' lipstick is described as a 'full bodied mocha cream'. I've been looking for a true brown lipstick for quite sometime that firstly suited my complexion and secondly didn't look like a red brown or plum brown. This one has a nude brown undertone but isn't really a nude nude lips kind of colour.

'Double Shot' was released as part of a set of four lipsticks under the 'Middle Eastern' collection and have been added as new and permanents. If you're interested 'Double Shot' and 'Tabla' are two of the new lipsticks released and 'Yash' and 'Mehr' are re-promoted releases with this 'Middle Eastern' collection.

Double Shot has an 'Amplified finish', it's got full coverage with great pigmentation and feels creamy to apply. It isn't drying at all and last for a few hours. 

Swatched on my arm the colour has a different look and some sort of orange undertone but on pigmented lips it looks completely different, I would definitely recommend trying this on first because I found it a hard colour to decide on looking just at online swatches and on my arm I didn't feel convinced, but on my lips it was a different story so I ended up purchasing and liking it as my to go brown nude lippy!

Above I swatched two other brown toned lipsticks I have in my collection - MAC Verve  and MAC Hot Chocolate both of these in my opinion have a mauve undertone. Double Shot has to be my current preference out of the three of them.

Dyno x


  1. I definitely want that lipstick. :)

  2. That's a pretty shade of brown hun, I like it. Don hav a brown lippy in my collex but since I love e amplified finishes gon swatch in person.

    Btw took ur advice got samples of e clarins multi active creams and I'm in love. Scooped 30ml travel sizes yesterday when I bought pure radiant mask&cleanser w ongoing offers@john lewis oxford st. Will defo purchase full sizes when my other creams run out. Thanks ever so much for ur help. Sorry4long comment hun

    1. Thank you Sharon. Let me know how you found the colour on yourself!

      Oh excellent that's great to hear, so glad I could help! I love the multi active day cream! xxx

  3. It is so nice but i would love to try the Hot Chocolate,honey.
    Thanks for sharing!!!!!

    1. That's ok you welcome, Hot chocolate is lovely too more pink it in it xxxx