Thursday, 21 February 2013

Hello Ladies...

I'm so sorry for going M.I.A! It's just been so crazy busy - since last week I had literally two/three days to prepare for my first ever London Fashion Week attendance, err hello? What to wear! With that life crisis I had the weekend to catch up on work related duties seeing as I took the entire day off for fashion week day one. Make time in between to get a little pampering done in order for my birthday which was followed onto Monday the 18th. Tuesday I was half working half baby sitting but mostly shopping! Spending burning the money I received for my birthday. 

While I have soooo many posts planned for you guys ranging from reviews to hauls and organisation of my bedroom, I plan on being around more regularly after this weekend. For now tell me your thoughts on these quirky Gucci Optical Frames...

They are very out of my comfort zone, but I really want frames that are kind of different and perhaps a little more on the fashion focus side... I feel like if the model in the campaign below can wear them for what they are.. what the heck why can't I try and pull it off! 

Dyno x


  1. Aww u fellow aquarian ha!Happy belated birthday hun, glad u well. U look gorj love those glasses on u, can't wait4more posts

    1. Oh really yes I think I remember you mentioning it at the time of the giveaway! Thank you babe! xx