Thursday, 28 February 2013

Dior Cherie Bow Makeup Spring 2013 Collection

For my birthday I was very kindly treated by my brother to products from the Dior Cherie Bow Spring 2013 collection. A few other permanent products and a fragrance will be featured in a separate post. There were a number of beautiful pieces in the collection - A Lip and Eye Palette, Two 5 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palettes, Dior Addict Lipsticks, Two Blushers, A new Lip Glow, Eye Shadow Pencils and a New Nail Glow.

I skipped two of the three eye shadow palettes, the blushers because I have way too many similar ones. I also skipped the eye pencils and nail glow.

From the collection I got the:
 Three Couleurs Smoky Cherie Bow Palette
Dior Addict Lip Glow
Dior Addict 437 Charming Lipstick, Dior Addict 457 Candid Lipstick.

I have to say the thought of pink eyeshadows on my skintone is not one I really like. I find it hard to pull those kind of colours off and my personal opinion is that they truly suit porcelain and fairer skin tones better. If it's a lip or cheek product no problem, but definitely not for my eye makeup.

Having said  that there was one trio palette that was very interesting - pink but very light champagne pink with hints of sparkle and a beige matte pink. Just that applied on the eyes on it's own is very beautiful. The undertones to this trio palette were much more wearable and so I was really pleased to get this one in place of the others. Even with black eyeliner I managed to get a look like the Dior Cherie Bow Campaign but with less pink on the eyes, my favorite shade from the trio is the sparkly one - it's just so pretty even though there isn't loads of colour but when blended it's got this sparkle and sheen which catches the light on your eye lids. This palette for the first time features the houndstooth check motif iconic to Dior as a limited edition item!

The lip glow is a completely new product for me, however there is a lip glow in the form of a balm previously released by Dior - which I now also have from their permanent range which I will feature in a separate post. When I tried it on in store it was beautiful, it basically adjusts and reacts to the 'humidity' of your lips, emphasizing the natural colour of your lips and giving you a 'rosy glow'. My lips were immediately more pigmented looking and pinker which was such a natural and pretty look, with gloss and shine. The lip glow has a minty scent to it and does tingle a little when applied but then it just adjusts and feels like ordinary gloss. A lovely product and I would happily repurchase when mine runs out!

I don't think any collection is complete unless you pick up atleast one lipstick! I picked two, one was a coral shade 437 Charming and one is a milky baby pink kind of shade 457 Candid. Both are quite sheer but can be layered, they apply beautifully from the tube but with a lip brush you get more product on. They are very moisturising and quite glossy on the lips almost like a heavy lip balm, they do however only last at most 2 hours on the lips so long as you don't eat and drink. 

Below is swatches of the 3 Couleurs Smoky Trio shadow Palette, lip glow and lipsticks (437,457)

I'm so happy with my items and I think this is such a pretty and girly collection! 

Dyno x


  1. Girl YOU got it goin on!!! I just love your blog/posts, they are my favourite!I picked up the eye palette and love it on my fair skin :D. Love the Dior Addicts, they are my fave! xox

    1. Haha thank you hun, everythings gorgeous right?! xx

  2. U got pretty items hun, love everything! I do love dior lipsticks and eyeshadow palettes

  3. Your brother is so lovely!!! Spoiling u lucky girl xx