Saturday, 5 January 2013

Zara Sale - Shoes & Accessories

Rant first: Whoever Zara uses for their deliveries has apparently misplaced my parcel somewhere and now when it's been located it's at another distribution center - one week on and I'm waiting for the remainder of my goodies (really wish I didn't make two separate orders)?! Well at-least I can still track it, and also appreciate what I have for now!

The Zara Sale - well I haven't set foot into the store - way too much mayhem for my liking but I snagged some pretty awesome bits online at 00.00am the day the site went live with the sale stuff! Scoreee!!!

Here's what I got:
  • Vamp Shoe with Heel Back and High Heel Red
  • Pointed Medium Heel shoe Nude
  • Printed Medium Heel Shoe Animal
  • Basic Sling Backs with Ankle Strap Bordeaux
  • Fur Collar with Brooch Clasps Black
And what I'm still waiting for in the post:
  • Basic Sling Backs with Ankle Strap Grey
  • Studded Slipper
  • Overcoat with Gold Buttons Navy
  • Studded Belt Cream
  • Knitwear Shoulder Panel Jersey Cardigan

The strangest thing is I always wear heels 4+ inches and 3 out 4 of these pairs are actually medium or kitten heels, I don't know why but I just really enjoy wearing cute shoes for quick trips out and saving my higher heels now. I'm also getting into the whole lower/medium heel for when I go away for holidays/conferences where alot of walking needs to be done, I don't like wearing flat shoes unless absolutely necessary like if it's going to rain or snow and there's a great risk of skidding lol. So although these shoes will probably sit in my shoe cupboard for quite some time they are way too hot not to have and were a sale bargain!

I've noticed on the Zara website some are already sold out but I'm sure you might be able to track them down in a few stores. 

The Basic Sling Backs are soooo comfy and although the strap is a bit thick for my liking at £19.99 I cannot complain - walking in these is so awesome! I can't wait for the grey pair to arrive and now I'm even on the lookout for the red and black ones for the sake of having them! Only once all the smelly kids have gone back to school and the rush in shopping centers dies down. These are available here.

The Pointed Medium Heel shoe in Nude is just so beautiful the little crystal elemants makes this a pretty little shoe, although I see them getting dirty when worn outside, I'm going to enjoy wearing them for house held dinner parties and events. These were a little more expensive but still in the sale at £29.99 available here.

The Vamp Shoe with Heel Back and High Heel is a strange stilleto, a ankle shoe boot style which suddenly turns into a pointy stiletto from the front but then a cut out inside which reveals the foot in a sexy manner. different indeed but these look so hot with skinny jeans and a mac coat, on the go coffee meetings for me! These were £29.99 and available here.

The Pointed Medium Heel shoe in Animal looks amazing with skinny trousers a shirt and blazer, for when I'm at university or lecturing these are just the perfect sexy little shoe! I'd keep these for my down days and I'm loving giving myself some choice when away on holiday! These were even more expensive but also in the sale at £39.99 available here

The Fur Collar with Brooch Clasps is very soft and pretty. It feels snug to wear and while it doesn't double up as a scarf kind of accessory I do like being able to attach it to a coat or cardigan. I was originally looking for a coat with a fur collar on it, but I thought I may get a bit bored so buying a separate collar would be a useful option. I am indeed in love with this one and the quality of it is great, super soft and doesn't shed. The little blingy brooch on it is a nice touch and there's these invisible little black hooks that can hold it closed around your neck. This was £16.99 in the sale and has gone down even more to £12.99 available here in black and caramel.

Here's hoping the rest of my stuff turns up tomorrow!

Dyno x


  1. I love the shoes you got! Especially the 'oxblood' color & the leopard print ones. & so sorry about your package being lost, hopefully it gets to you soon. That ish would just piss me off.
    I just made my first Zara purchases the other day, two flats that I need to go pick up, can't wait. & totally love their sale prices. One of them even got marked down more, so total win on that.

    1. Thank you! Yes hopefully it turns up soon! Ohhh you must share your zara purchases! xx

  2. Great purchases,love ur picks I purchase the basic ankle straps in black and grey so lovely&comfy. I'm loving those leopard prints ones so fab. Let's hope u get ur other order soon hun,can't wait2see ur other purchases

    1. Thank you Sharon, Ahh the grey is so gorgeous! Here's hoping too! xxx

  3. I love All your posts! However I wish your pictures were bigger so I can properly see them :):) xo

    1. Thank you Hun. If you click on the images they do enlarge so you can see them in full, bigger and more clearly xxx

    2. So they do!! Yaayyyyy thank you :) xo

  4. Nice buys, I love the shoes. I'm so jealous that we don't have a zara's here, or an H&M for that matter =/

    1. Thank you! Oh no seriously no Zara or H and M, where abouts are you? xxx

    2. New Orleans. You would think we would have at least an H&M, but no such luck. We use to have a Lord and Taylors but that that closed down yeeears ago. At least we have a Saks though lol


    3. Oh my goodness! Wow I never knew that lol, well yeh thank god for the Saks then!!! At least you saved some money dear! xx

  5. Great review! I'm going to purchase the classic black vamp pumps. Do you think the vamps run small? I typically wear size 6.5, but in Zara shoes I've worn size 6. Great post!!! I'm about to go on a shoe buying spree, want to make sure I have all the right sizes.

    Corporate Catwalk

    1. Hey Olivia, thank you, I find that Zara shoes run a little large so tend to go for the size smaller, however the vamp shoes because of the style they fit true to size. Your best bet is to try the shoes on walk around and see how you feel. Good luck with the shoe buying spree! Wish I could go!!! xx