Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Winter Wonders: Laura Mercier Body & Bath Soufflé Body Crème Sampler

"Laura Mercier’s Soufflé Body Crème Sampler presents a quartet of Laura’s favorite ultra-rich Soufflé Body Crèmes in new Crème de Pistache, Ambre Vanille, plus best-selling favorites Almond Coconut Milk, Crème Brûlée and Fresh Fig. Blended with the finest gourmande notes, each delectable body crème contains active ingredients in a silky smooth super-whipped soufflé formula that instantly nourishes the skin with vitamins and protein derivatives, while Shea Butter and Macadamia Nut Oil provide conditioning benefits. Ideal for travel, each scent is packaged in a non-breakable 4 oz. jar." - Laura Mercier

In the Harrods sale I watched my mummy in delight pick up these Laura Mercier Sampler sets. Seemed like a good deal, too good to be true, until I tried them and realized not only were they good but also true! I came home with four boxes worth. There is a distinction between the brown box set and white box set, both contain the following scents:

  • Almond Coconut Milk Soufflé
  • Crème Brûlée Soufflé
  • Fresh Fig Soufflé
  • Crème de Pistache Souffle (White Box Sampler)
  • Ambre Vanille Souffle (Brown Box Sampler)

The texture of these creams are whipped, they remind me of fromage frais yogurts as they are so creamy and fluffy to touch and apply. They are not sticky at all and when applied they go on so smoothly and are absorbed quickly into the skin. There is no residue left over no tackiness and they don't even feel heavy to apply. But even with such a light application and texture/feel to the Crème the quality and moisturizing benefits are not at all compromised - The Crème is ultra rich and moisturizing making the skin feel super soft and hydrated and the nutrients in it really make my skin feel like it is benefiting alot during these cold winter months where the skin feels taught and dry most days. Instead since using these at night or during the day my skin feels so soft and the dry feeling disappears immediately.

The scent for all of them is gorgeous, they are not over powering at all and in no way do I find these creams make me fell sick as they don't smell synthetic. They are fresh and remind me of ice-creams and coffees, with my favorite being the Fresh Fig - but I do love each and every scent so it's hard to choose! The scent does linger on the skin and is just beautiful when you catch a sniff of them.

The Crèmes contain Vitamins A, C and E for nourishment and Shea Butter for moisturizing and without a doubt the skin is moisturized and feels super silky soft! I layer it on after a warm bath and Laura Mercier even recommends layering with other products from the collection for optimal results. Oh and the smell?! I just can't get over them, a few times I've been tempted to lick my arm! That's how nice these souffles are! Not only do I think this product is effective for winter months I can see myself using it during the summer as it's so light and fluffy yet super moisturizing - it's versatile for both seasons! 

Usually the souffle body creme retails individually for £43.50 for a 300g jar. The sampler set contains 4 different scents with 100g in each jar for £41.00 (Brown Set) £45.00 (White Set) - giving you an extra 100g of product with the option of trying out the different scents available. However the sampler sets only come around I think to my knowledge once a year during the Christmas/Holiday period. So this is always a great time to pick up variety sets!

The best thing however is the price I got these sampler sets for in the sale at £20.50 (Brown Set) and £25.00 (White Set) and with my 10% discount at Harrods I got them for £18.45/£22.50! Complete bargain in my opinion and since I'm getting so much use out of them I really don't have any regrets paying the sale price. If you do find this sampler set I highly recommend them, these are seriously amazing creams and since getting to try the sampler set I wouldn't hesitate purchasing them individually even with the hefty price tag as they are such brilliant and moisturizing creams! 

Has anyone else tried these Laura Mercier Body & Bath Soufflé Body Crème?

Dyno x


  1. Fab review hun, I should have picked a set in the sales but gon check them out when am next@ the LM counter

    1. Thank you Sharon, yeh check them out it will be great if you get them at the sale price! xx

  2. I am literally kicking myself for not originally hunting these out in the sales! x

    1. Oh no Chloe! If I ever spot them again I'll let you know! Or even get them for you! They are sooooo nice! x

  3. I received the brown box sampler from a friend for my birthday... love it... I've splurged on LM body creams before, the scents are irresistible.

    I have yet to try the pistachio one... need to check if the white box is still available :)

    1. Oh lucky you lucy! Yeh even I would splurge on the creams! xx