Sunday, 6 January 2013

There Is Only ONE Sale...Harrods

If you follow me on Instagram then you probably know that I've spent a bulk of my time sale shopping in Harrods. Apart from shoes, clothes and homeware; I stocked up on some beauty and makeup essentials. This year I got my paws on some pretty awesome deals and I tripled up on products that I use on a regular basis and some I was eager to try out anyway. (Plus this weekend I went back for a few more bits as being a rewards recognition member there was an extra 10% off sale and non sale!)

Here's a round up of goodies I will be sharing and posting reviews on - and bits I recommend you too get your paws on!

Clarins Skin Smoothers Multi Active Collection
Laura Mercier Body & Bath Souffle Body Creme Sampler Pistache
Laura Mercier Body & Bath Souffle Body Creme Sampler Ambre Vanilla
Laura Mercier Body & Bath Le Petite Patisserie Hand Creme Quartet Sampler
Guerlain Terra Azzurra Bronzing Powder & Blush
Guerlain Terracotta Mineral Flawless Bronzing Powder
Guerlain Terracotta Sun In The City Golden Glimmer Powder
Lancome Juicy Tubes Gift Set

Clarins is my routine, reliable and effective skin care brand and their Multi Active face cream that I use retails for £39.00, however the sales this year are so awesome that the set featured in the photo was only £26.50 for a full sized version of the face cream, a 10ml serum and 15ml night cream all presented in a soft vanity case. (The serum usually retails for £46.00 for a 30ml so even the 10ml in my opinion is value for money). I really felt this was worth spending money on as I use the cream alot and only in a few months time am I going to go ahead and purchase a full sized version so why not save some buck and stock up. My mum uses the serums from this range so I can pass these on to her, the travel sized night creams are such generous sizes for someone like me who travels quite a bit, these are so handy.

Laura Mercier body products is actually a new product I have indulged in, my mum went nuts when she saw the sampler sets at half price (she stocked up quite well too), she's been using them for ages and loves them. I took a sniff and feel of the cream and went nuts too. This stuff is amazing, smells so good and is not sticky at all. Usually the souffle body creme retails individually for £43.50 for a 300g jar. The sampler set contains 4 different scents with 100g in each jar for £41.00 - giving you an extra 100g of product with the option of trying out the different scents available. The best thing however is the price I got these sampler sets for in the sale at £20.50 and with my 10% discount I got them for £18.45! Harrods still has plenty in stock in store if your interested!

Laura Mercier Hand creams were a really cute little gift at £10.00 in the sale I get to try out the four scents available and they are such a cute size I can keep them in my handbag. This set was originally £20.00 and while I love trying out different hand creams this set seemed awesome for the price to pick up. After all the original retail price just to purchase one full sized hand creme is £13.00. Why not try them all?! These are actually sold out in a few places but I do want to get my hands on one more set of these.

Guerlain makeup is straight up expensive and to be honest I haven't really attempted to spend £40+ on a bronzer before so when I spotted a few bits at half price I splurged on three items. The star product from my Guerlain haul being the Emilio Pucci collaboration of bronzer and blush duo, this retailed for around £54.00/$75.00 and I picked it up for £26.00 in the sale - so a total score in my opinion for this designer collaboration. There were only a couple left in Harrods when I went today, but I have spotted these online at Sephora still at full price. The mineral bronzer and highlighter also retail for £40.00+ so these were nice to try out at half price too.

Lancome Juicy tubes are a teenage obsession, when I first ever got in to makeup I use to love buying these tubes of juicy melting lip thingies as I knew them lol, I kind of forgot about them with my transition into bigger and better makeup, but my love for them still exists on my off days! I got this little Christmas gift set for £12.50, which is nice to have in my collection for on the go shimmery lips as I actually have no juicy tubes left! I spotted these in Harrods still and House of Fraser are selling them for the same price too.

I'll post up my full reviews on everything in the next couple of days. Has anyone picked up any beauty bargains? Do share!

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Dyno x


  1. Those are definitely some great deals. I've used the terracotta bronzer from Guerlain before. It's definitely expensive, right up there with Chanel, but I find that having one or 2 really high end products are worth it if you use it on almost a daily basis. For me, bronzer is one of those things :)


    1. Thanks hun, I have spent quite a bit of money but considering I know I will be repurchasing at some point later this year I thought it was better to get stuff in the sales. Yeh your right the nice bronzers are definitely expensive but worth it especially if you get good use out of them! xx

  2. Amazing shopping! You clearly have an eye for a bargain :) the guerlain bronzers sound lovely, I'd love to know how you get on with them x

    1. Haha thank you! Yes I do love a bargain! I'll post up a review once I get a few uses out the guerlain stuff xx

  3. Great haul,love ur purchases hun!

    1. Thank you hun, it was fun shopping the beauty section! xx