Saturday, 5 January 2013

MAC Apres Chic Collection Haul - Review

"Natural glamour appears effortless, and in its element with M•A•C's face and colour collection set to heat up winter looks. Features our coveted Mineralize Skinfinish, Blush and Eye Shadow, and Tinted Lip Balm. Also introducing Pro Longwear Eye Liner". - MAC.

Mineralize products are always a little interesting to me, I don't always like everything but there's always an odd item or two I take a liking to and with almost every limited edition collection I most likely come away with lipsticks. I completely disliked the mineralize eyeshadows and online swatches proved they were weak in pigmentation. I even skipped the lip balms because they just seemed so boring and the eyeliner didn't seem spectacular either.

With the Apres Chic collection I came away with:
  • Stereo Rose Mineralize Skin Finish
  • Alpine Bronze Mineralize Blush
  • Cozy Up Matte Lipstick
  • Haute Altitude Amplified Lipstick
  • Hot Chocolate Satin Lipstick

Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish is a re-release (which I didn't purchase previously) described as a coral with golden/bronze shimmering nuances and online swatches indicated how beautiful it is. Against my skintone it's got a beautiful sheen, is a coral toned colour with pink, orange and gold kind of veining. I think this doubles up as a blush when applied heavily and a highlighter when sweeped across skin lightly.

Alpine Bronze Mineralize Blush is described as a midtone caramel, on me it's definitely a bronzer kind of look I get. Something very appropriate for summer with a little shimmer of gold to emphasize a healthy glow. I do feel on me it's got a slight orange tinge to it so it would work great as a spring/summer blush but on skintones like mine and darker it would double up as highlight too. It's definitely one of those shades suited to browner skintones.

Cozy Up Lipstick is described as a deep caramel, it's a matte finish but is soft on my lips. This particular shade to me is definitely a tan orange kind of colour and it's not exactly a nude on my lips. It doesn't look bad it's quite cute but still I find it hard to pull off.

Haute Altitude Lipstick is described as a midtone blue pink, it's a amplified finish and is really creamy on my lips. It's well pigmented and is the perfect pink lipstick I have found in a long time. It's not too bright but not too flesh pink either, and it goes with all different makeup looks. I compared a couple of pinks to it and it's different.

Hot Chocolate Lipstick is described as a dirty plum, it's a satin finish and is creamy too but a little pasty when applied to the lips. Swatched on my arm it's got the plum hint apparent but on my lips it's definitely more of a brown nude with ever so slight hints of plum coming through.

I've done some comparison swatches of the lipsticks from what I have in my collection below...

(Left: Cozy Up, Haute Altitude, Hot Chocolate)      (Right: Half n Half, Yash, Cozy Up, Honeylove)

(Left: Angel, Haute Altitude, Mehr, Pink Plaid)                (Right: Hot Chocolate, Verve)

I don't think this is exactly a super exciting collection, it feels like to me it's for the sake of getting one out there for MAC after Christmas. But if you want a little update to your makeup then it's nice to pick up an odd limited item. The face products are neutral and the rest of the collection does feature something for light and dark skin tones. The lipsticks are quite subtle in comparison to what MAC's been featuring previously so if your a neutral kind of girl definitely check this collection out as there's no bright pinks and reds here!

(Cozy Up Lipstick, Stereo Rose Skinfinish with Alpine Bronze blended)
(Haute Altitude Lipstick, Stereo Rose Skinfinish with Alpine Bronze blended)
(Hot Chocolate Lipstick, Stereo Rose Skinfinish with Alpine Bronze blended)

Dyno x


  1. I'm loving the bright pink from this collection on you! This collection did look lovely but didn't have a wow factor for me! Now I'm regretting not picking up a blush or lippy!


    1. Thank you, yeh your right it didn't have the wow factor but I just can't resist a lipstick if it looks nice, plus when I did comparisons of lipsticks I actually don't have anything too similar so it justified purchasing from this collection xx

  2. The only thing I wanted was Hot Chocolate ls, by the time I went to my MAC counter, it was sold out. Total boo on that.

    1. Oh no what a bummer! Try online hun xx