Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Burberry Body Eau De Parfum

Burberry Body is "A warm and feminine fragrance enriched with an eclectic combination of sensual ingredients." - Burberry.

The scent has top notes of fresh green absinthe, illuminating elegant peach and refined freesia. The floral bouquet of natural rose absolute and iris blends gently with subtle warm tones of sandalwood to form the heart notes. Woody cashmeran, creamy vanilla, sensual amber and musk compose the base.

I had a gift card to spend in The Perfume Shop and after contemplating whether to restock on what favorites I already have or go for something new; I decided on the latter. So I picked this seriously gorgeous looking bottle, it's very beautiful, rose gold finishing, clear bullet style bottle.

The Fragrance -
Is quite strong when first applied, but it really settles down to a subtle light floral scent and is quite powdery. I love the woody and musky elements to it. It's a very feminine perfume and while I don't find it to be a flower power kind of perfume the freesia happens to be the dominant scent. In my opinion it's a perfume that's for someone not too young but then not too old either, yet I feel it sit's within a transition of a grown woman who's achieved her goals at a young age - think graduated, high flying/paid job, career minded and settled.

Today when I wore my military style outfit (posted here) this perfume really put me in 'work mode' I loved it! I felt like it really complimented what I wore and how I felt - relaxed, sophisticated and ready to get work done! The scent lingered around me for ages, I felt fresh all day like I'd just left home all newly dressed and ready. It's absolutely beautiful - the bottle to look at and the smell is very very nice. Different to what I have in my collection but I adore it just as much! Now all I need is a a nice dress (yup won't be stripping like the campaign), high heels and a Burberry MAC to complete my own Burberry Body Campaign!

The Packaging -
The outer packaging is plain cream with the Burberry 'Check' patterned embossed on it and finished with gold coloured text. It's like a baton with a octagon shape. The packaging is actually surprisingly very flimsy, for a pricey perfume it's something like crepe paper - well seriously thin flexible card if I previously exaggerated - but it literally just tears as you try to even open it that's how soft it is. I know I won't be keeping the packaging but still - what if I was a little careless and ripped it open in a way that the bottle slips out and smashes on the floor? - Just a thought for you Burberry! Or if I did want to keep the packaging it won't last. It is housed further in a typical corrugated card - nothing else fancy.

But Overall -
I love this perfume, the bottle is absolutely stunning and it looks gorgeous on my vanity. It's made in France and the perfume is marketed to capture the identity and represent the Burberry Brand. "Burberry Body is the most exciting launch that we have ever created and captures the iconic spirit of the brand today in a striking and sensual way." - Christopher Bailey, creative director of the brand. And I have to agree - this is something special for Burberry and it's customers.

Because of the strength of this perfume I'd only need to spray at most twice and it lingers for ages. Even after washing my hands upto my wrists as I type this post I can smell it on me - it's been eight hours so far. I've read quite a few negative reviews about it, it's not for everyone's taste but personally I really like it. It's appealing and sets itself apart from what's available on the market. This is happily part of my repurchase list, I would buy it again without second thoughts.

Burberry Body Retails for £44.50 for a 35ml and is available at most perfume counters or here.

Dyno x


  1. That's a great perfume. I have the original Burberry which I love, but when I smelled this one in a magazine the other day I think I may prefer it.


    1. Thank you. Yeh I first smelt it in a magazine too! It's alot stronger though when you spray it which I think is why so many people were a little unsure about it! xx

  2. Haha I have this too! I got the purse spray though! Seems we have very similar perfume taste! X

  3. I love this perfume, not somethn I would usually go for but its good to step out of our comfort zone&try new things. Great review hun!

  4. I have it too , and its amazing add to my perfume collection , have you tried Cartier Kiss of Dragon