Saturday, 26 May 2012

FOTD - Hot Pink Summer!

A quick FOTD with hot pink lips for summer date nights!

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer
Nars Sheer Glow Foundation in Syracuse
MAC Studio Careblend Pressed Powder
MAC Hey Sailor Bronzing Powder in Soft Sand
MAC Frankley Scarlet Blush
Dior Amber Rose Diamond Highlighter

MAC Paint Pot in Idyllic over lid
MAC Eyeshadow in Twinks all over lid
MAC Eyeshadow in Expresso blended in crease
Stila Smudgestick Waterproof Eyeliner in Black water line
Chanel Inamitable Intense Mascara in Noir 01
MAC Brule as highlight

Keihls Vanilla Lip Balm
MAC Lip Pencil in Process Magenta
Nars lipstick in Schiap

Love FOTD!

Dyno x

Thursday, 24 May 2012

MAC Studio Careblend Pressed Powder - Review

"Formulated to provide a smooth, virtually invisible, fresh-looking finish, this soft, cream-like powder is carefully blended to provide the skin with extra care, nourishment and comfort."

"Studio Careblend Pressed Powder provides sheer to medium coverage with perfect skin adhesion that helps to create a more flawless, refined look to skin. Studio Careblend Pressed Powder’s versatility allows users to apply it alone, over moisturized skin, atop foundation to set, or simply to touch up and perfect skin throughout the day." - Nick Gavrelis, Vice President, Global Product Development (read more here)

MAC Studio Careblend Pressed Powder is a pressed setting powder formulated for combination to dry skin with a soft, smooth, invisible finish. It comes in eight shades, similar to the Mineralize Skin Finish Natural. I use Medium Dark in the Studio Careblend range and Medium Deep in the Mineralise Skin Finish Natural - a shade darker for a slightly tan look over this powder. 

Studio Careblend Pressed Powder sets any liquid foundation product really well and leaves a slight dewy finish which I love. I like to use a fluffy powder brush to pick up product and buff it in over my foundation. I use the sponge very rarely when I want quite a bit of coverage.

Studio Careblend isn't quite sheer on its own it does have slight pigmentation that gives a nice finish. If you have clear skin like myself, it also works well alone or on top of a tinted moisturizer, BB cream, Concealer or foundation. If you have a lot of acne scaring or marks to be covered up, this may not suffice when used alone. I love the way it sets after a while, leaving a natural, flawless finish. That being said, It's not very effective at controlling oil during summer, for that there's good old blot powder.

This has to be one of my favourite and to go powders, it always looks flawless and never looks powdery and isn't drying. I always get compliments on how flawless and perfect my make up looks and it's down to this powder! Other powders I enjoy using is Giorgio Armani Loose powder, Nars Pressed and Loose Powder, MAC Blot Powder and Chanel Pressed Powder. Careblend definitely gives me a velvety satin finish.

The pro's of this powder are that it:
Provides a natural, matte finish.
Available to purchase in 8 shades.
Great for on the go makeup touch ups.
Long wearing & non-cakey.

The consistency of this powder to the touch, feels like your average powder. Studio Fix Powder actually feels softer to the touch. But, once smoothed on the skin, Careblend feels much smoother, whereas Studio Fix feels a bit dryer and powdery. I use to use Studio Fix but never loved it so haven't ever bothered to repurchase it as much as I have Careblend. Studio Fix appeared duller on the skin whereas Careblend gives my make up look luminous! 

Reading some reviews I wouldn't recommend it for oily skin as it's satin finish will probably come through too much, even in summer I would for myself use blot powder on my t-zone area due to my combination skin type. It's perfect for dry skin as it's got moisturising benefits and feels comfortable on the skin, even any dry areas on my own skin I like wearing this powder as my skin feels comfortable.

I've been using this powder for well over a year now and have repurchased it every few months. I do think I hit pan quickly with this powder but it goes to show I enjoy using it on almost a daily basis and one powder I trust whatever the day brings for my makeup! I really love this powder and will continue using it for an all over setting powder again and again!

FOTD coming soon with this powder.

Love MAC!

Dyno x

Thursday, 17 May 2012

MAC Vegas Volt Lipstick

Oh Mr. Vegas Volt where have you been all my life?! I purchased this lipstick a couple of weeks ago and have used it numerous times. Lately I've been really enjoying coral coloured lipsticks and Vegas Volt is one of my favourites because it also reminds me of the awesome times I've had in Las Vegas!

Described by MAC as a 'Full Power Coral' I couldn't agree more! The only thing I disagree on is that the undertones appear different on various skin tones and can appear pinkier, peacher, more corally or orangey on differently pigmented lips! Everyone looks different wearing this lipstick and that's what I love about it, it's unique! On me it's a true peachy coral orange with a very slight hint of pink.

The formula is an Amplified Creme - Ultra creamy finish, shiny and intense colour payoff! This is another favourite formula of mine from MAC after Cremesheens. My lips always feel soft and smooth with this.

Below you can see some comparison swatches of Vegas Volt against other MAC and YSL lipsticks:

Below a quick photo at the end of the day wearing Vegas Volt! If your after a perfect coral lipstick definitely check out Vegas Volt, it's permanent at MAC! I can't believe I never picked this years ago. But better late than never!

Love MAC!

Dyno x

Sunday, 13 May 2012

FOTD - Visiting Someone in Hospital

I was in a dilemma yesterday, I wasn't sure what to wear to visit my aunty in hospital. I wasn't being vain but I live in heels and smart/tailored outfits. My aunty adores my heels and my style - She's quite a fashionable lady and appreciates good taste. But her being in hospital is serious stuff, so I wanted to wear something cute but really comfortable and very low key. 

Yesterday is the only time you would have caught me in flat shoes, but they were appropriate to wear to the hospital rather than heels, I could have pulled off a heel no problem, but if I'm honest it just didn't feel right (plus my heels are like 4+ inches I think I need to invest in some kitten heels). So many people would be there and I don't want anyone to feel uncomfortable at the clicking of my heels. You get what I mean now!

Black is one of my favourite colours to wear when it comes to clothing! So it's no surprise that was my choice:
  • Black leggings
  • Black long length vest
  • Black Silk neck embroidery blouse
  • Black drop pocket blazer
  • Diamonte Flat Jelly Sandals (featured here)
  • Michael Kors Watch (featured here)
  • Tiffany Bracelet
  • Gucci Handbag

It was really important for me to keep my makeup looking natural and fresh:
  • Eyes
    • Urban Decay Glide on Eye Pencil in Bourbon - Lined upper lid and lower lash line
    • Chanel Inimitable Mascara Noir 01
  • Face
    • Nars Sheer Glow Foundation
    • MAC Studio Careblend Pressed Powder
    • MAC Hey Sailor Bronzing Powder in Soft Sand
    • MAC Hey Sailor Blush in Fleet Fast
  • Lips
    • Creme de la Mer Lip Balm
    • MAC Lipstick in Modesty

My Aunty's getting better, she has a long recovery but here's hoping a healthy one. She even said to me: 

"Looking Pretty As Always" - It made my day because she has me so worried.

Love FOTD!

Dyno x

Lancome Hypnôse Doll Eyes Mascara

"Hypnôse Doll Eyes by Lancôme coats every single lash without weighting them down, for a wide-eye look. Doll Lash Effect Mascara Wide Eye Look Volumised, Extended, Lifted Lash look!"

I quite enjoy splashing out on Lancôme; especially their mascaras. Two of my favourite ones happen to be the Original Hypnose and Hypnose Drama. So when Hypnose Doll eyes was released I was interested but didn't purchase it until now. I was excited though, the doll eyes effect like Barbie's eyes was quite a tempting and lovely look to want to achieve really.  

'The cone shaped brush is carefully developed to assure the ideal load on each lash, even in the inner corner of the eye. The exclusive Fibershine formula, enriched with nylon powders, offers perfect load and beautiful curve for seductive fanned out lashes. A must-have mascara for a volumised, extended, lifted lash look.'

Application: Place the brush on the centre of the lash fringe. Let the brush glide over the lashes from root to tip in a zigzag movement. Use the tip of the brush to catch the small lashes in the inner corner of the eyes. Intensify the outer corner of the eyes using the largest part of the brush to open the eyes. Apply on lower lashes.

I followed the application instruction word for word, but I'm going to be brutally honest...Doll Eyes is not good, I'm unhappy with it. On my first coat the application was messy, there was so much excess on the brush wiping it down the tube firstly ruins the tip of the brush and top of the tube and secondly removing excess off the brush onto tissue is wasting product. To me this is immediately a expensive and waste of money product because I know my mascara is ruined and will dry out this way not to forget a messy tube.

Taking my review further, one coat wasn't really enough to coat the lashes evenly to achieve the amount of volume and length I want and expect my mascara to do. So I attempted the second coat...At first it looked a little better but my lashes looked flatter then the first coat or should I say clumpy, I let it dry before I attempted my third coat and by this time there was clumps everywhere, short podgy lashes, not voluminous, lengthy, extended looking lashes, definitely no lifted lash look. No separation either.

Yes, if I open my eyes wide I can see a slightly wide eye fan look but this is not consistent amongst all my lashes. The wider part of the brush lets me fan out my lashes but you also see the little lashes with black clumps. Not the best look in the world. I don't mind neat spidery lashes but Doll Eyes mascara gave me short clumpy lashes not fluttery ones. No Barbie ones either.

You know the worse part though? My eyes couldn't stand it, they were itching and stinging. This mascara was irritating my eyes like crazy and I have never had this problem with any of their other mascaras or any other brand for that matter. I do blame the excess product on the brush for this because it did get into my eyes a bit, but I don't exactly have small eyes I think they are quite normal sized and I don't have a problem using other mascara wands/brushes. The product formula itself stung my eyes.

One Coat:

Two Coats:

Three Coats:

Do you see by the third coat it's flattened and clumped my lashes? If I close my eyes I do think the lashes look good, but because the volume and curl don't hold it doesn't look right and I don't get Doll Eyes! I maybe could have tried it for a few more days, but after three, because of the stinging in my eyes I couldn't take it, I took it back to my Lancôme counter. I told them that I believe the stinging and burning sensation is a reaction I'm having to the mascara. They were happy to refund me my money so all has not been lost. I'm disappointed though! 

Some may say I should have tried a sample and usually I do, but Lancôme don't give samples away, which is sad and stupid because the eyes are such delicate features, but I'm just glad I got my money back anyway.  I'll stick to the originals where I get volume, length and curl. But I'll leave you with a photo of my so called Doll Eyes Lashes Mascara!

Has anyone tried this mascara? What are your thoughts?

Dyno x

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

FOTD with MAC Hey Sailor

So for the last few days I've been going on and on about MAC Hey Sailor Collection! What can I say, I picked up quite a bit and it is a hyped release as it hasn't made it's way to the US yet! I used some products for this FOTD!

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer
Nars Sheer Glow Foundation in Syracuse
Giorgio Armani Loose Translucent Powder
MAC Hey Sailor Bronzing Powder in Soft Sand
MAC Hey Sailor Powder Blush in Fleet Fast

MAC Paint Pot in Idyllic over lid
MAC Chen Man Mineralize Eyeshadow Duo in Love Cycle as a liner on upper and lower lash line 
MAC Hey Sailor Eyeshadow in Feeling Fresh in the crease
MAC Hey Sailor Eyeshadow in Barefoot patted onto lid
Stila Smudgestick Waterproof Eyeliner in Black water line
Chanel Inamitable Intense Mascara in Noir 01
MAC Brule as highlight

Keihls Vanilla Lip Balm
MAC Lip liner in Cherry
MAC Hey Sailor Lipstick in Red Racer

Super Quick, Super Bright and Tropical! Love FOTD!

Dyno x

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

MAC Hey, Sailor! Haul, Review & Swatches

MAC Hey, Sailor! Collection has been launched here in the UK! I have a post here with the whole collection swatches if your still deciding what to pick up. This particular post is my haul from the collection. 

First up... The Packaging - Oh my goodness! I love anything nautical themed and nautical makeup? Can't get any prettier than that! 

Second... MAC Summer Collection - I love summer collections, there is so much choice, brightness and bronzey looks to create; This collection was a highly anticipated one!

Thirdly... Limited Edition - I like collecting items especially makeup; I use all of it but the excitement with limited releases is just so fun!

So I picked up quite a few items from this collection, products I know I will use alot and am seriously thinking about back ups! So here's what I got:

To the Beach Body Oils in 'Man Rays' and 'Sea Side':

I've never tried the body oils before so with this collection was my chance to, I bought both of them and surprisingly I thought I would prefer Man Rays as it was golden and would suit my skintone perfectly and it does, but Sea Side is an absolutely beautiful silvery sheen and I like this one more. However I would happily back them both up because they are both different sheens and lovely non sticky, quick drying and soothing oils. The oils are moisturising and gives my skin a sexy gleam. Perfect to use when on holiday!

Bronzing Powder in 'Soft Sand'. Pro Longwear Bronzer in 'Sun Dipped':

At first I had a bit of a hard time deciding on which bronzers to pick for my NC42 skin tone. I already own Refined Golden so didn't purchase it. I picked up Soft Sand which is a golden bronze with fine gold pearl which is hardly noticable at all, on my skin it really enhances my natural tan skin colour. Sun Dipped is a dirty red tone bronzer but looks really natural without looking orange on me, this is also a flawless sheer-low transparent coverage longwear bronzer. 

Powder Blush in 'Fleet Fast':

This blush wasn't originally on my to buy list from the collection, but swatched in person I changed my mind because it didn't appear chalky on my skin tone. It's a lovely pink coral that adds a natural flush of colour to the cheeks. This particular blush shade actually makes my cheeks look subtly bright and the colour makes me look healthy. It's got a gold hint in it but there is no shimmer that transfers and has a satin formula.

Eye Shadow in 'Feeling Fresh' and 'Barefoot':

I don't think my own swatches or any other swatches I've seen capture the true beauty of these pretty little pots of eye shadow. Feeling Fresh (Green shade) is absolutely gorgeous; a jungle green kind of colour, paired with a peachy blush, bronzer and nude or peach lips is absolutely perfect for summer! Barefoot (Gold) is a lighter antique gold colour that I also really love for a simple all over lid look or as a inner corner highlight with Feeling Fresh.

'Send Me Sailing' Lipglass. 'Red Racer' & 'To Catch A Sailor' Lipstick. 'Shore Leave' Lip Pencil:

The lipglass in Send Me Sailing was also not on my list but when swatched in store the pigmentation was just so intense and deep I had to have it, the colour is a true cherry red. I love red glosses and lipsticks! 

Red Racer lipstick was on my list and a no brainer, as I have a weakness for red lipsticks and the colour is a pure blood red with no orange, yellow or blue undertones - anyone can wear this red its a very universal shade!

To Catch A Sailor lipstick is sheer shimmer gold colour almost champaign which honestly I didn't think I could wear but it's so subtle paired with a clear lipgloss it makes my lips glisten and with a bronzed look it's like I'm ready to hit the beach. On it's own it gives off a nice shimmer dimensional look.

Shore Leave lip pencil to me is a salmon pink peach colour. It pairs nicely with light coral lipsticks and especially peaches and light pinks. I think it's quite universal in colour and I needed this kind of shade.

I will do a FOTD with these products in the next few days and over the weeks so you can see how it features when a look is pulled together! I do absolutely adore this collection and the packaging is awesome! Until another MAC collection comes out I hope you enjoyed viewing this one!

Love Love Love MAC Hey Sailor!

Dyno x