Wednesday, 12 December 2012

MAC Guilty Passions: Holiday Mini Kits

Ahhh I think it's obvious by now I'm a total MAC addict and more than the permanent range of makeup I tend to go for alot of the limited edition stuff, and so the Christmas/holidays 2012 collection and ranges of products were no exception!

With the MAC Guilty Passions Holiday Mini  Kits there are 6 kits available - (3 lipgloss and 3 eye pigments). I don't use pigments very much as they get a bit messy I have maybe like 9 from a previous Christmas/limited collection and they hardly get much love. This time round I got 1 pigment set as the colours were very beautiful and I can see myself wanting to use them. I got all 3 lip gloss sets. 

These mini sets are great value for money if you want to try a selection of different lip glosses from MAC, while they are limited edition, the 'Nicely Nude' set consists of two glosses from the permanent range. In the 'Cocktail Coral' set - 'On the Scene' cremesheen gloss is a repromote from last years Holiday 2011 mini kit and from the In the Groove collection 2012. 

I have not provided swatches just yet as I don't want to open up and use each and every gloss, but in time as I use them I will update the post (There are plenty of swatches floating around the net). In all honesty though with or without swatches you cannot beat owning these considering they make great Christmas gifts or if like me you love the selection of glosses available to use. In each set you get 2 Dazzle Glasses and 2 Cremesheen Glasses, and the Dazzle glasses actually have more product in them than the permanent size. The pigments are beautiful especially 'Brilliantly Cool', the green shades are so special looking and if your really into collecting pigments and using them these are also excellent value for money!

  • Demure - warm pink with blue pearl
  • Going Casual - sheer lilac
  • Colour Saturation - dark cool wine
  • Boys Go Crazy - deep amethyst

  • On The Scene - peach with pink & white pearl
  • Sublime Shine - light coral brown with gold pearl
  • Geo Pink - strawberry pink
  • Out for Glamour - clean yellow pink with red pearl

  • Fashion Whim - light beige
  • Satin Slip - soft beige with gold pearl
  • Get Rich Quick - warm yellow brown
  • Kiss Don't Tell - warm chocolate creme 

  • She's Got Class - silver
  • Moss Garden - light green blue
  • Spruced - teal
  • I've Got a Crush on You - browned teal

These are some of my favorite picks as gifts for friends and family at Christmas and as a treat for myself, I'd pick any one of them that you fancy as they are all as cute and lovely as each other! Plus they come in such cute cardboard packaging which features a plastic bow on it and mac logos printed around - they look great on your vanity! If your gifting one of these kits don't forget to ask for the gift bag, even for yourself!

The sets retail for £25.50 in-store and on-line. Has anyone else checked these out?

Dyno x


  1. The pigments are so pretty! I near about talked myself into them, but went with the eye palettes instead! Their lipgloss colors were so pretty as well! I loved the pink/purple set.

    1. I managed to talk myself out of them when they first launched and now when I went to the store to browse I talked myself into them with "they are meant to be because they are still not sold out". Came home with 4! Doh!

  2. I just want these for the pretty boxes, they are freakin' adorable.

    1. They are gorgeous! I said I wouldn't purchase them but I failed miserably!

  3. I am in love with the packaging! I haven't gotten anything from the collection yet, but maybe I will look into the crushed pigments!


    1. Packaging is gorgeous!!!!!! SO girly! I love pigments even just to look at lol x