Sunday, 16 December 2012

Half Up, Half Down, To The Side: Party Hair Style

I've been attempting trying to style my hair in an updo that I would feel comfortable wearing and doing myself. I really like the look I came up with and look forward to sporting it at a wedding or if I'm feeling brave for a Christmas party maybe!

I first blow dried my hair,
Ran the straighteners through it by waving the ends,
Scooped a section at the top and back combed slightly creating a puffy illusion,
Pinning into place on the underside,
I then grabbed and scooped the right hand side of my hair,
In a twisting motion tucking around any loose hairs,
At the same time I used plain bobby pins/hair grips to secure the gathered hair in place,
I also pushed the gathered hair in an upward motion to create more volume,
I then took a small loose amount of hair on my left side and scooped it back pinning it into place,
Finally once the hair felt securely gripped I placed a simple sparkly crystal flower piece.

It was such fun styling my hair like this and for someone who hardly even ties her hair up, I'm quite impressed with the look! Does it suit me?

Dyno x