Saturday, 6 October 2012

Kiehls Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado Review

I've been getting into using different eye creams for about two/three months now. I don't need them for puffyness, dark circles or fine lines but more for the moisturising factor. I noticed slight dry skin patches around my eye area so just thought I might as well look into eye skin care. 

I've tried a couple from Clarins (great all rounder eye cream but I wanted more moisture), YSL (I didn't notice anything), and my all time favourite Creme de la Mer (amazing but very expensive) for everyday use I started to consider the expense of using Creme de la Mer on a regular basis - way too pricey. So I've been searching and testing and have finally settled on Kiehls Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado.

Firstly I love that this eye cream can be used morning or night, I prefer to wear this during the day before applying my makeup. At night I like using an eye cream which kind of has a replenishing, repairing and prevention formula - so I stick to a all rounder kind of eye cream such as Clarins or La mer. 

Secondly it's got a unique, concentrated texture which is enriched with avocado to gently moisturize the delicate eye area and I can confirm it definitely does this. I like the fact that the formula doesn't migrate into my eyes, there is no stinging sensation but cooling and smoothing properties.

Thirdly it contains these key ingredients:
Avocado Oil - best known for it's moisturizing factor.
Beta-Carotene - an antioxidant and for Vitamin A production.
Shea Butter - for it's hydrating properties, suppleness and better appearance of dry skin.

In terms of formula it's rich and thick, looks heavy to apply but more like a butter rather than a balm as it's creamy. I Use my ring finger to apply, taking a pea sized amount and massaging it on gently. The consistency is great as it just melts with contact and is absorbed easily (if you apply too much then obviously it won't get absorbed that easily or quickly - a little goes a long way with this cream!).

For me the cream lasts around 10 hours possibly more in terms of hydration and moisturisation as my eye area felt so comfortable this whole time! Under my makeup it helps the concealer sit and apply smoothly which is great so my under eye area doesn't get dragged. I haven't had the need to reapply the cream during the day and I've just used it at night sometimes for extra moisture with my other eye creams and have woken up to such softness.

It looks like a green mask in the little tub and comes with a stopper. This size I picked up is the smaller one which is useful for travelling. I don't stick my fingers in it as I don't like that so I just use a cotton bud to scoop some out.

As I mentioned in my haul post here I had a decent amount of samples to test it out for almost a month, Please bare in mind I don't suffer from dark circles, puffy eyes or very many fine lines so I cannot comment on how this cream would work for those purposes - this is definitely for moisture. I developed some dry skin/eczema under the eye and this cream cleared that up within a week. I snapped some before and after pictures of my eye area:

If you click on the pictures to see them enlarged you will be able to see the difference. These were taken straight after waking up in the morning with no makeup. Kiehls Creamy Eye Treatment has made my under eye area generally more healthy looking and moisturised. I was really impressed and my under eye area no longer feels tighter but soft and hydrated. Both Kiehls Creamy Eye Treatment works gracefully well with either Clarins Eye Balm and La Mer Eye balm.

Kiehls Creamy Eye Treatment for me is brilliant! I loved it the moment I tried the samples. If your looking for hydration and moisture this is definitely one to check out. I love that it lasts long on my eye area, isn't too oily and doesn't transfer. But the main thing is it makes a difference to the condition of my under eye area. I love the fact that it's fragrance free and doesn't feel greasy either. I've had no allergies or reactions! I'm getting a nourished eye area that looks silky and smooth and with such benefits I couldn't be more impressed by this cream - I will continue to purchase and highly recommend it based on the effects and transformation as shown above. 

Dyno x


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  2. I love Kiehls! I was actually wanting to try this. Thanks for the review!