Thursday, 4 October 2012

Essie Stylenomics for Fall 2012


Essie 'Stylenomics' is the name of the new limited edition nail lacquer from Essie; it is also the name of the new Fall 2012 nail lacquer collection from Essie featuring six new shades: 'Stylenomics', 'Miss Fancy Pants', Don't Sweater it', 'Recessionista', 'Headmistress', 'Skirting The Issue'. I picked up 'Stylenomics' and 'Miss Fancy Pants' from this collection and absolutely love both of them!

Check out my new manicure with 'Stylenomics'!

 'Stylenomics' is described by Essie as 'a wealthy, rich and opulent dark green'. I kind of associate this colour as a deep blackened/blue teal with hints of forest green. It's a beautiful dark colour and I prefer it to having black nail polish. I tend to stick to reds, pinks, nudes or french tips when it comes to my manicures so this is big change for me! I really like it as it looks so different and isn't scary black for me! I love black for clothes and everything else just not my nails, so this super dark green is a perfect change.

I must say when I saw the promotional images for 'Stylenomics' I was expecting it to be the same teal dark green in real life, but it's different, the shade is alot darker than advertised. I don't mind this now but I probably will look for a real teal colour now.

In terms of formula this is a creme, it applies slightly sheer in one coat but fully opaque in two coats as above. After two coats it holds shine really well and with a top coat it's even more beautiful. In daylight and bright lights it definitely leans green against my skintone. A very different and unique shade in my collection!

Next I'll be trying out 'Miss Fancy Pants' - another perfect colour for Fall 2012; 'Grey/Greige' shades are the new nudes this year and that's what 'Miss Fancy Pants' is! 

Dyno x

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