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Dior 5 Couleurs Designer All in One Artistry Palette in #308 'Khaki Design'

"Dior has created 5 COULEURS DESIGNER, an ultra-professional and totally new version of the mythic 5 COULEURS palette. Five different textures have been brought together in a single case to create eyeshadow styles through layering." - Dior.com

"1-BASE light, 2-COLOR iridescent, 3-SHADE satinity, 4-SHINE pearlescent, 5-LINER mat represent the 5 essential steps used by professional makeup artists to draw attention to the eyes and create ultra-graphic eye makeup looks." - Dior.com

This palette is a limited edition palette from the Dior Golden Jungle Collection for Fall 2012, named as #308 Khaki Design

This is my first Dior All in One Palette know as '5 Couleurs Designer' which includes an eyeliner, I own a couple which are eyeshadows only known just as '5 Couleurs'. So this new addition with the eyeliner is a change. It's quite a handy compact to have when travelling and what really tempted me to pick this palette was the khaki colours. Dior doesn'thave very many khaki shades in some of their palettes from the permanent range. 

Getting to know this Designer Palette: From the picture above you can see the palette comes with a plastic insert which is labelled. Bottom Left (1) = the Base, Centre (2) = Couleur, Top Left (3) Ombre/Crease, Top Right (4) = Shine/Highlight and finally Bottom Right (5) = eye Liner. As with all Dior products there are handy little leaflets with details and instructions. 

How to apply: It's quite straight forward, you begin by applying the 'Base' all over you lids followed by the 'Couleur'. The 'Ombre' shade is used to define your crease and add definition to the outer 'v' corners of the eye. Add a brow highlight by using the 'Shine' or use on lids to dramatise the lid couleur with more shimmer. Final step is to apply the mat 'Liner'.

Product, Quality and Colour Payoff:
The eyeshadows are great quality, the 'Couleur' and 'Ombre' being the most pigmented and the 'Base' and 'Shine' less pigmented. To me this is not an issue as this is the kind of pay off I was looking for from the palette in order to not take focus from the khaki shades when applied to my eye lids.

The 'Base' is light and has a powdery pay off to it, when swatched it's finely milled but feels buttery soft to touch. The 'Shine' has a slight gritty element to it but not thick and one which will cause fall out as when it comes in contact with the skin it kind of just melts and blends. The 'Couleur' is a champagned khaki colour and very buttery soft to touch and apply. 

The 'Ombre' is the darkest of the colours with a true military green khaki colour and payoff, this too is buttery soft and applies smoothly with excellent pigmentation. Finally the 'Liner' which is dry to touch and look at but once swatched is a cream liner which melts with contact and applies easily, it is also pigmented and very matte, it's not a jet black but a nice charcoal black which compliments the compact colours. 

Compact and Packaging:
As always with a Dior product the packaging, compact and items included are exquisite with the shiny blue and silver compacts and velvet pouch. Included in the palette is eyeshadow appicators and a liner brush. The plastic insert is a great little reminder of the steps for when using and applying colours. To top it all off there is a built in mirror.

This is a gorgeous palette, I don't have very many khaki colours and really want to get into them. So this is a brilliant palette, I can easily go from a day to evening look by using the lighter shades over my lids on their own with just the liner and for the evening adding the deeper green and khaki shades to create a smokey look and defining my eyes a bit more with the liner. I like the element of versatility here!

I highly recommend this new limited edition palette if you can get your hands on it. I'll be using it for travelling quite a bit and the colours are very pretty. I had a look at the permanent shades and this palette is definitely something different in terms of shades.

The Dior 5 Couleurs Designer All in One Artistry Palette in #308 'Khaki Design' is available for Fall 2012 as a limited edition item at all Dior counters, £40.00.

Dyno x

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