Thursday, 13 September 2012

MAC Matchmaster Foundation Review

"New Foundation technology using translucent pigments to enable a fully personalized finish influenced by the subtleties of your own skin's undertone. Moisturizing demi-matte finish. Medium buildable coverage. Line-reducing soft-focus powders." - MAC.

I've never bought a MAC Foundation in my life because I've only ever sampled them and had a reaction. However there is a lure about MAC and I do get sucked in! This new foundation from MAC known as the Matchmaster is one which was used on me when I had my makeup done for a friends wedding featured here. I think it's ok the best thing being it hasn't broken me out, I don't love it but it's different. So I came home with a sample to try out myself.

Colour Range
Matchmaster is available in 14 different shades with a completely different naming and numbering system to MAC's typical foundation shades. Number 1.0 being the lightest and 10.0 the darkest. For reference the MAC sales associate did a rough conversion for me:

1.0 - NC15
1.5 - NW15
2.0 - NC20/NC25/NW20
3.0 - NC30
4.0 - NC35/NC37/NW30
5.0 - NC40/NC41/NC42
6.0 - NW33/NW35/NC44
7.0 - NW40/NW43/NC45
7.5 - NC50/NC55
8.0 - NW44/NW45
8.5 - NW46/NW47
9.0 - NW48
9.5 - NW50/NW55
10.0 - NW58/NW60

MAC Describes this as a medium coverage foundation but I feel it's a more lighter side of a medium coverage but definitely a buildable one. The skin adjusting element however means no matter how many layers you apply before it gets too much your natural skin beauty peeks through. This is a foundation for someone with hardly any imperfections, scars, blemishes or pigmentation. It really works great to even your skin out.

The foundation has a demi-matte finish and so I didn't notice a dewy look to it either. You can go without a powder if you wish or a light dusting is fine to set it without loosing the natural demi-matte look of this foundation. 

Matchmaster is a liquid foundation but it's not a runny kind of foundation and I feel in comparison to other foundations this is thicker. It's a smooth texture but honestly I felt when I applied it myself it was a lot more difficult to blend this formula. When the MAC makeup artist applied it, it seemed to move around on my skin more easily but I think this is due to the primer I was wearing. So this to me means without a primer it's tricky. It does however look smooth and evens out the look of my skin. 

Staying Power
In terms of staying power this is amazing. On the day of my friends wedding Matchmaster was applied at around 3pm and by about 4am in the morning it still looked beautiful, just my t-zone required a little powder but that was about it. But in comparison to other foundations I got through about 8-9 hours before I needed to touch up - in my opinion that's extremely brilliant.

Overall Thoughts
I was matched up with Number 6.0 which is a perfect match. I don't really know what I was expecting apart from the fact that I didn't want any break outs and to my surprise for the first time my skin accepted it happily. At home using it myself I find it hard to work with the formula, it looks smooth as a liquid but without a primer spreading this foundation is tough, for a supposedly light weight foundation this looks and feels heavy when applied, this feeling however passes after a while. For me if I wanted this as an everyday foundation it's just too much work and not worth the effort. For special occasions, or a more sultry and natural look it's perfect. 

It does definitely adjust to your skin tone, I like how it looks but it's not something I would be 100% happy with and part good money on - price wise it almost sits at the same range towards Chanel, Dior and Nars and is I think one of MAC's priciest foundations. Another thing that bugs me is the smell, it's like plastic and just not desirable to use. It's safe to say for now I won't be purchasing the full size, but do recommend trying out a sample because it does look nice applied. Maybe you will have better luck than I did!

Here it is left (flash) on it's own no other makeup and right (no flash) with blusher:

Price and Availability
It's stocked at all MAC counters is permanent and is priced at £25.00.

Dyno x


  1. I also have the matchmaster foundation too and I'm unsure about it! I still haven't reached a verdict tbh. It's deffo long lasting which is really good. I've used it in hot climates and the staying power is really good.

    1. Right? its such a tricky kind of foundation - I see alot of people having a love/hate relationship with it! xx