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Kérastase Resistance Masque Force Architecte - Review

Kérastase Resistance Masque Force Architecte is a Reconstructing masque for - Brittle, Very damaged hair and split ends. When I feel like my hair is in need of a little extra tender loving care I turn to my all time favourite - Kérastase brand, their huge choice of hair care lines is one of all time favourites and one I use quite alot. Their Nutritive Bain Satin range of shampoo, conditioners and masque which is a nourishing care for dry, sensitised hair is in my current hair care routine. 

However on my recent blow dry visit to my hair stylist he recommended this particular masque - Resistance; to strengthen weakened, damaged or fine hair. About 8 months ago after having blonde highlights continuously for 5 years I had my hair dyed brunette, so I have to really look after it; I also use heated tools and so to continue keeping my hair healthy and in good condition I'm now using this extra care masque. I have had my hair trimmed regularly but I feel like I needed something heavy to take care of my thick, long hair and as the weather gets colder it will do it good.

This masque is quite the excellent and interesting product as  Kérastase inform the consumer of the technology behind it's products; this masque contains a 'unique combination of 3 exclusive active ingredients which go further in hair repair: Intra-Cylane + Pro-Keratine + Ceramides' providing benefits such as 'hair fibre is replenished, hair feels intensely stronger. It looks healthier, bouncier, and is softer to the touch.'

This masque comes in a light green sealed box and inside is a round tub with a screw top lid. Upon unscrewing there is a seal tight stopper that can be lifted and re-used to hold the product so there is no leakage - which is suitable for travelling.

Texture, Formula & Smell
Kérastase Resistance Masque is of a smooth feel and texture, it's actually quite a runny formula for a supposedly heavy duty masque but I actually like this in comparison to some thick goopy formulas that can be way too heavy/greasy on your hair. The smell is really nice too, it's a fresh salon scent which is pleasant and not overbearing at all, after I've used it I always feel like I've walked out a hair salon and had a deep condition done professionally.

Application, How to use & Tips
After shampooing I take a small amount and work from the length of my hair to tips avoiding my roots and massaging in gently and concentrating more particularly on the ends of my hair, I use less than a handful of product on the ends as this needs the most treatment and half of this for the rest of my hair which is spread evenly. 

Midweek I apply this and leave it on for 5 minutes and then rinse. It's recommended to only use this masque once or twice a week because it's quite a rich and intensive treatment. If I use it for a second time in the week like on the weekends then I will apply this to my shampooed hair and wrap a hot towel and leave it in for however long I like.

I've had this masque only two weeks but immediately after 4 uses I've noticed a big difference to the structure, feel and condition of my hair, it doesn't feel or look weighed down, the bounce and shine is very obvious and the few split ends I had don't look or feel as rough as they use to. 

Generally speaking the condition of my hair is great and I always get complimented on my hair but this product has made an even bigger difference and I really like it. It feels extremely soft to touch and even a few days later I feel the masque has penetrated through quite deeply - wash after wash it is maintaining the hair - almost like a barrier is formed protecting it between shampoos and styling.

One of my friends commented on how nice my blow dry was when I actually I had just styled it as usual at home, which to me means that the masque improved the overall look and texture of my hair for it to be able to hold a salon blow dry style which was actually just done at home as usual! 

I really enjoy using this masque and in general Kérastase products, I will continue with this particular masque instead of the Nutritive one as it really takes extra care of my hair, the life it throws into it is brilliant and while it is quite a pricey product it is worth the investment as I notice a difference to the overall health of my hair. Used on a weekly basis I feel the softness and shine is maintained everyday and my hair looks very healthy, shiny and strong - not forgetting to mention the movement, bounce and body it gives!

I highly recommend this hair masque even if like me you don't have much damage but want something luxurious to treat your hair with. I for sure will be re-purchasing. It's available at most hair salons and priced at £26.00.

Dyno x

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