Saturday, 18 August 2012

New In: Lancome Hypnose Star Mascara - Review, Photos & Swatches

Lancôme Hypnôse Star Mascara. What a gorgeous and cute collaboration!

"Just say it with the eyes" - flutters Betty Boop with her big eyes and luscious lashes, 'Bringing together two icons, yesterday's vintage glamour meets the glamour of today. 'STAR EYES' commercial starring Betty Boop and Daria Werbury' - created in honour of Lancôme's new mascara.

"A star among Lancôme mascaras, Star curves wrapped in a sparkling case makes for a dazzling first impression. Lancôme creates a red carpet look for our star." - Lancôme

Lancôme mascara's have long been my favourites of all time especially the original Hypnôse, if you read my post here on their last mascara release I was very disappointed and had to return my tube. But curious as I am I still can't resist a new mascara release from Lancôme.

Oh boy has Lancôme Hypnôse Star Mascara kicked the original Hypnôse Mascara's butt! Big time! I have officially found my holy grail mascara. I cannot believe how amazing this mascara works. I do like my lashes to look slightly fake but with the whole volume, curl and barbie doll eyes kind of look.

Firstly the tube is absolutely gorgeous, it's adorned with glitter which is really lovely - not that this effects the product in any way, the mascara is just jet black but I like the attention to detail Lancôme has given to their new Hypnôse Star Mascara.

Lancôme provides the following details about their Hypnôse Star Mascara:
  • A Highly Voluptuous Brush
    • For truly cinematic eyes, the versatile triangular shape of the brush applies just the right dose of texture while simultaneously lengthening and separating lashes and fixing them in a sensual curl.
  • The New Formula
    • A fluid texture and a new brush create a surprising alliance that is able to create a volumised look with a defined lash fringe for show-stopping eyes.
  • The Spotlight Effect
    • A shade to dress eyes with a seductive shine, Noir Midnight drapes lashes with intense colour, like a luxurious evening gown

I want the look of my lashes to have length, volume and curl and Lancôme Hypnôse Star Mascara gives me just that with their new and innovative dual sided brush. The flat side of the brush is designed to load the lashes and the round side to sweep through the lashes and help curve them, you can see the brush shape in the pictures it's very different to some typical mascara brushes I've used. Plus the “Black Diamond” shade dresses lashes in a deep and glamorous intensity. 

I've read that this new formula is a glossy wax formula and it's actually really comfortable to wear. There is a waxy smell to it but I don't mind it, the formula actually feels quite wet for a wax and when I applied it there is minimal transfer/mess anywhere else other than the lashes. I definitely notice the lift this mascara gives to lashes something which I haven't quite noticed I get with Benefit They're real mascara (another newbie I picked up last week - review to come). 

I really think Lancôme has put in alot of thought, science, innovation and effort into this new mascara, it's definitely evident and I know it seems like I'm singing this mascaras praises way too much but I am seriously impressed. I am so glad this is a permanent mascara and I love how I can wear one coat and my lashes look good, two coats and I can flutter my lashes and get my way, three coats there is serious 'batting' of my lashes going on. Note: I have short lashes.

Application instructions:
  • Start the mascara application by gently pressing the flat part of the brush onto the roots of the upper lashes, to release some product and define the eyes.
  • Then turn the brush to use the side with longer bristles and then glide it from the roots to the tips in a zigzag movement to ensure the texture is spread evenly. Use as much mascara as is needed to thicken and taper the lashes.

  • 1. Start in the centre of the lash fringe.
  • 2. Then apply mascara to the outer and inner corners of the lash fringe.
  • 3. Repeat these steps for more volume.
  • 4. Finish the application on the lower lashes working outwards from the centre of the lash fringe.

(Sorry for the glum photo it's been a long and late day!)

Above three coats and after wear of almost 8 hours I think my lashes look pretty good, they are still holding the lift and curl with volume and length (my lashes naturally hold curl pretty well). There is a little flaking but at the end of the night I cannot complain when through most of the time I am getting the desired effect. Check out yesterdays FOTD here with just two coats. 

I highly recommend this mascara.I am looking forward to purchasing another tube as I absolutely love it! I give this mascara a 10 out of 10 it's way better than the original Hypnôse and today my cousin asked me if I was wearing false lashes and I'm proud to say I wasn't!

Available at all Lancôme counters for £21.00

Dyno x


  1. I can't believe I haven't tried this mascara yet as I know it's a cult classic! I'm due a new one so I think I may just buy this one, great detailed review Hun x

    1. Thanks babe, I love Lancome Hypnose mascara's and this one is now my new favourite, I hope it works out great for everyone else who tries it! You must check it out! xx