Saturday, 11 August 2012

Inglot Freedom System Palette

This is the first time I'm venturing over to Inglot Cosmetics, I have to admit I am a high end brand snob - that doesn't mean I won't try anything else out but I pretty much most of the time spend my money on high end.

Anyway I was sitting with my Starbucks latte staring around and caught a glimpse of Inglot then wondering why I have never been in. It was empty, huge and really colourful; everything coordinated and in the right place all neat and tidy. So I casually strolled in to go and play...

I'll start by saying I could have easily come away with more items - I'm impressed. 
Firstly the price point, Secondly the quality of products and Thirdly the pigmentation of colours. 
I came away with their 'Freedom System Palette 3 Eyeshadow Square'.

I picked 3 eyeshadows shades from the brown colour family, I know I get a lot more use out of any brown eyeshadows I own so these were an obvious and easy choice, especially since it's my first time trying Inglot shadows. I also purchased the palette which they are housed in separately. The colours are given as numbers and paired with their finishes.  

Inglot Eyeshadow Finishes are as follows:
  • MATTE - No shine, shimmer, or sparkle
  • PEARL - Pearly sheen with satiny frost but no chunky glitter
  • DS (Double Sparkle) - Matte based eyeshadow with sparkle
  • AMC (Advanced Makeup Component) - Semi-matte base with sparkle but less glittery than DS finishes.
  • AMC SHINE - Highly pigmented with a pearl and frost finish. More shinier than Pearl finishes.

I picked up:
  • MATTE 372
  • PEARL 421
  • AMC 52

What are they like:
  • Buttery soft
  • Pigmented
  • Smooth
  • No chunky glitter/fallout
  • Easy to blend/build up colour
  • Minimal fading on their own and virtually last all night with a primer

Any downsides:
  • None so far

What are the pro's:
  • Quality eyeshadows
  • Highly pigmented great colour pay off
  • Huge selection of colours
  • Affordable
  • More product in weight than MAC refill pans

Comparisons to MAC Refill Pan:
  • MAC Pro refill pan contains 1.5g of product
  • Inglot square pan contains 2.3g/2.7g of product
  • MAC price is £10.00 (per pan)
  • Inglot price is £4.50 (per pan)
  • Total price for Inglot 3 shadows - £13.50
  • Total price for MAC 3 shadows - £30.00

Do I think they are better than MAC:
  • Yes and No! Why? Because:
    • PRICE! Seriously affordable!
    • Inglot shadows really do give MAC a run for their money in terms of price, they are just as good quality in terms of pigmentation and colour payoff. Oh and the price!
    • MAC is MAC for me, I'll always stay loyal and love their shadows. They are still the best out there. I can see myself re-purchasing a MAC eyeshadow over and over but I don't know for sure if all the other shadows are just as great at Inglot, I wouldn't be able to justify it with only so far purchasing three shadows.
    • Anyone who adores MAC eyeshadows will understand why you would enjoy having Inglot in your collection but wouldn't want to replace or take MAC's place.

Would I repurchase:
  • Yes definitely, I will be picking up another palette as I was attracted to the gold shadows. 
  • I highly recommend them in order to bring variety to your eyeshadow collection. 
  • It's always difficult to find quality eyeshadows where you can build up your own palettes so these are definitely worth having!

Dyno x


  1. Where do you get these in England? I live in Birmingham and hate the lack of places to get makeup besides the usual brands

    1. Hi Nadia, In the UK there is to my knowledge one store open in Westfield London Shopping Mall - White City, you can also order online at: