Monday, 13 August 2012

Dior 'Diorskin Nude Tan - Nude Glow Sun Powder'

Here's my latest addition - 'Diorskin Nude Tan Nude Glow Sun Powder'.

"The 1st Dior Bronzing Powder that adjusts to your skin tone and the ambient light for an ultra-natural looking tan all the year round. With its Kabuki mini-brush, Poudre de Soleil comes in 6 shades: 3 predominantly neutral tones for year-round use, and 3 warmer tones for summer". Dior.

What it is:
'A bronzer that creates a sunkissed glow for natural radiance bronzing.'

What it does:

'Formulated for all skintones, Nude Tan Glow Sun Powder warms up the skin with a healthy radiance. It features Mineral Prism technology and a light transparent formula to create an energized, glowing complexion.' 

The shades:
  • Honey 001
  • Amber 002
  • Cinnamon 003
  • Spicy 004
  • Toffee 005
  • Sienna 006

What are the extras:
'This bronzer comes packaged in a sleek, round, silver Cannage compact, and is accompanied by a mini Kabuki brush for perfect application on the go.'

I picked up the shade 'Cinnamon 003', I originally set my heart on a darker shade such as 'Toffee 005' but when I tried it on in store it was a little heavy in colour for my NC42 skintone, the adjusting formula really does appear obvious after application if not straight away and so it was safer for me to go with 'Cinnamon 003' which was a more subtle and definitely more natural looking bronze/sunkissed glow.

I probably will also purchase 'Toffee 005' for a deeper summer tan (light hand will be required but I'm fine with that) as I have really fallen in love with this bronzer, it doesn't appear as if your wearing bronzer, it's very natural and has a warm finish to it so long as you get the correct tone you are after. The bronzer is soft to touch, smooth and glides onto the skin effortlessly. 

It's formula enables even application of bronzer without the need to buff away like crazy in order to blend, there's a really cute Kabuki brush included which makes it perfect to slip into your handbag and it's size is perfect for contouring the hollows of your cheeks and temples.

However if you are expecting a matte bronzer this is not completely matte there is a sheen to it which doesn't translate onto the skin as shimmer but does give a slight glow. Sadly Dior has phased out their matte bronzers completely and these are the new replacements. I'm not at all disappointed as these new ones are quite impressive.

The availability of six shades in my opinion are all very different, I don't think these bronzers actually vary just from light to dark shades, each one actually has a different undertone such as brown, red or yellow but being completely honest these tones don't look tacky they actually are present to adjust to an individuals skin colour as everyone has different tones. I think this is excellent - the preferences allow us to have a light bronzer or deep tan with different tones, choice is yours!

(Note - underside of my arm is lighter than my face which is NC42 the bronzer looks and adjusts beautifully as a true golden colour on my face, no orange)

Although I love my NARS bronzers, It's really nice to have different bronzers at hand to refresh my look, for me it's like I've been on holiday every month changing around my bronzers and giving myself a new glow! I do recommend you try this bronzer out in day light and not instore light to be sure which shade you are after. 

The price of this bronzer is £34.00, pricey yet a very beautiful looking and effective product worth the investment if you enjoy bronzing powders!

I also got a sample of the new Dior New Look Mascara to try out, I will report back on this soon. Plus some samples of perfume to decide which ones I want to purchase, my collection now needs replenishing!

Dyno x

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