Sunday, 22 July 2012

NARS Mekong & Night Clubbing Eyeshadow Review + Photos & Swatches

Today I'm reviewing two of my most favourite eyeshadows from NARS! 'Mekong' and 'Night Clubbing'. If you read my post here from my recent NARS haul then you will know how much I've loved these shadows and for me this time they were a repurchase after 4 years of using my previous pans!

'Mekong' eyeshadow belongs to the Shimmer Collection of formulas at NARS.
'Night Clubbing' eyeshadow belongs to the Night Series Collection of formulas at NARS.

'Mekong' is described by NARS as a "espresso infused with gold", it's a beautiful and extremely dark shimmery brown, some users find that it transfers onto their eyelids without the shimmer but I find if you pat on the colour gently you pick up decent shimmery colour so it's not just matte and diffused. As you can see from my swatch it appears a blackened brown and once applied to my lids it's a diffused version with a sheen of brown.

(Above: Mekong Eyeshadow, rich and dark pigmentation with great colour transfer)

'Night Clubbing' is described by NARS as a "black with glitter", the glitter in it is a mix of gold and black and from far it's almost deceiving as in the pan it looks like an olive undertone. The pigmentation for this particular shadow is just as gorgeous and amazing as 'Mekong'. I find the same way to apply this shadow is to pat it on to get the shimmers to appear other wise they do diffuse but the colour is just as lovely. On my lids this colour is a diffused carbon kind of black.

(Above: Night Clubbing Eyeshadow, rich and dark pigmentation with great colour transfer)

Below the shadows are swatched side by side, the top swatch is 'Night Clubbing' and the one below 'Mekong'. They seem quite similar but you can definitely see the brown in 'Mekong', 'Night Clubbing' actually appears quite black. I love using both of these for a really dark smokey eye or using a wet angled eyeliner brush and using them as eyeliners on their own. The formulas apply smoothly both wet and dry, they blend and smudge easily and colour can really be built up and look intense.

All of NARS shadows are extremely pigmented and rich in colour you use a slight hand and swipe your eye brush into the shadow and you get alot of colour, the only downside is these shadows have alot of fallout so I definitely recommend doing your eye makeup before your foundation. I usually use a makeup puff under my eyes and over my cheeks to catch fallout, it's not big deal really as I've become accustomed to it. But I highly recommend any of NARS's eyeshadows, they are gorgeous! And I absolutely love these two! Oh and the little pans of shadow which they come in are just so cute!!!

Love NARS!

Dyno x


  1. Mekong & Galapagous (and habanera duo) the best NARS eyeshadows EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. :) amazing shadows yes I agree think I'll check out Habanera! Don't have that one xx