Sunday, 1 July 2012

MAC Pro Eye Makeup Remover Review

MAC Describes this as: "A mega-effective remover that lifts off makeup without smudges or tears. Pro Eye Makeup Remover is a clear, lightweight liquid that gently and effectively removes all eye makeup, including waterproof and transfer-resistant products. It effortlessly removes Paints, Eye Shadows, Mascara and Liquid Liner. It contains Cucumber Extract to soothe and hydrate the skin and it's perfectly safe for contact lens wearers. No rinsing is required and makeup can be immediately reapplied. Perfect for when you're in a rush."

Over the last few months I've been trying out different eye makeup removers to name a few I liked alot but didn't love are: Chanel  Precision Gentle Eye Makeup Remover, Dior Instant Eye Makeup Remover, Clarins Gentle eye makeup removers, NARS Gentle Oil Free eye makeup remover, Johnsons Daily Essentials Eye Makeup Remover. And some which I absolutely hated: Clinique Take The Day Off, Lancome Effacil, Simple Eye Makeup Remover and Clarins Instant Eye Makeup Remover.

I've had a hard time with these eye makeup removers because of the oil in them that's why I don't love them. If I'm honest thinking of it now I don't even like them but I had to get my eye makeup off somehow! I've come to a point now where my eyes can't handle eye makeup removers with oil, no matter what claims these brands make that there is no oily feeling or residue I found still found greasy and cloudy shadows form and effect my vision. These oily clouds would also transfer to my contact lenses turning my vision blurry. Really not good! And making it difficult to remove from my lenses. 

So while going through my makeup and skin care sample box I found a small sample of MAC Pro Eye Makeup Remover and gave it a go for a few days. Firstly the best part is this has no oil in it, it's quite a runny and watery consistency with a nice scent to it. I really needed and wanted an eye makeup remover with no oil, it's a must and simply put MAC Pro Eye Makeup Remover is the ONE for me now. And so I purchased the full size in 100ml.

My eyes haven't reacted to it, no oily or greasy residues and aftermath of blurry cloudy vision and with some reviews I came across, this apparently wasn't a effective remover let alone a water proof makeup removing one. So many negative reviews with only a few positive ones! For me this works wonders, it removes every single trace of eye makeup and waterproof makeup too. The biggest test for me was my Chanel Inamitable Mascara, even Chanel's own eye makeup remover would turn into a flaky mess and not remove all eye makeup. But with my new MAC Pro remover the mascara literally melted and dissolved away, there is also no need to wash your eyes after.

The bottle is a solid one, with a pierced stopper from which droplets of product is released and has a screw top lid. I saturate a cotton pad with a few drops (enough for one eye on one pad and a little extra for heavier  eye makeup) and hold and press against my eyes for about 15-20 seconds, this allows the product to soak the whole eye and break down the product. I then wipe gently across my eyes a few times and products is completely removed! 

It feels cold against the eye, but doesn't sting or irritate my eyes; however as a warning if you use too much of this product and drench your cotton with excessive eye remover liquid your definitely going to have a problem, plus a little stinging and dripping mess! The best thing is to use a little or enough so that you don't irritate your eyes - a little definitely goes a long way with this product!

Above I've done a swatch of my Stila Smudgestick Waterproof Eyeliner on my hand and you can see how effective it is, two gentle swipes and waterproof makeup is removed!

I absolutely love my new MAC Pro Eye Makeup Remover, The main benefit for me is it doesn't contain oil, I officially hate oil based removers! But this is a holy grail for me now, unless I find something better I'll continue to purchase and use this, it also comes in a small 30ml travel size which is perfect to take away on holiday!

Love MAC!

Dyno x

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