Friday, 20 July 2012

MAC Lovelorn Lipstick Review

I've been Back-2-Mac'ing! So I picked up this pink little beauty! MAC 'Lovelorn' Lipstick is described by MAC as an 'Emotive Blue Pink'. On my lips it's a medium blue toned and sheer pink, it looks quite natural with subtle cool tones. The most beautiful thing about this pink is that it's not Barbie cool pink where it appears too over, I find some lipsticks with cool blue tones slightly harsh for my tanned skin but this particular colour works really well and I think it will suit both cool and warm skin toned girls. 

'Lovelorn' has a Lustre formula and this is my second Lustre formula lipstick I've tried in the last two weeks, the first time I tried this formula was with 'Cut A Caper' from the Heavenly Creatures Collection featured here - (I'm really loving 'Cut A Caper'!). I've always found these lipstick's to be very sheer and light in application when swatching on my hand, but when I picked up this colour I swiped a few extra times over one area and the colour built up really nicely. I tried it on my lips and I loved it even more.

It applys smoothly, isn't drying at all, is very lightweight to wear and yes although it is sheer on the first swipe the colour is buildable to give full coverage. I wouldn't say it's a creamy lipstick it's very different in it's formula I think it's a moist kind of lipstick, it's also a got a shiny finish so there's no need to wear a lip gloss on top, usually I pair my lipsticks with my favourite Cremesheen lipglosses but I've noticed with Lustre lipstick formulas you just swipe and go, really handy for a quick trip to the supermarket.

The only annoying thing is the lasting power, Lustre formulas are not one of those lipsticks you can rely on to get you through atleast half the day. I got maximum wear of 3-4 hours and that's without eating or drinking anything; if you do that then definitely less wearing time. Re-applying is necessary which I don't mind!

(Above one swipe)

I really love this new lipstick, 'Lovelorn' is a pretty and natural pink, it's different to some of the pinks I own such as: Creme Cup, Angel, Pink Plaid, Modesty, Faux but what I really appreciate is how beautifully it comes out in photographs. Below on my lips I've built the colour up to two layers and the rest of the photographs three layers.

 Overall 'Lovelorn' has a great formula and the application is smooth and colour very buildable! The colour is a subtle cool pink so will suit everyone and especially someone like me who is quite golden tanned. It's also nice to wear as an everyday lipstick even though the lasting power is a lot less than your typical MAC lipsticks.

Love MAC!

Dyno x