Tuesday, 17 July 2012

MAC Half 'N' Half Lipstick - Review, Swatches & Photos

MAC 'Half n Half' lipstick is described by MAC as a 'creamy pink', but actually it can appear like a pinky brown looking at the tube. Now depending on how pigmented your lips are this shade can sit pink or nude. On my lips it's a good nude colour, on others it's one of those neutral pinky browns. It's a colour that swatches different on the hand and appears even more different on the lips (as you will see below).

I'm not really a nude lipstick girl, I like my bold colours but I do like to swatch nude lipsticks as I'm still yet to find the perfect nude that doesn't wash me out or look like concealer lips! I picked up 'Half N Half' by Back-2-MAC and I think it is a really good nude for my NC42 skintone, but I think it will work quite well with other medium skintones too.

I highly recommend trying this on your lips as it's so different when swatched on your hand. I've tried other nude lipsticks such as 'Siss', 'Creme d' Nude', 'Myth' but these just don't suit me I dunno why?! Maybe if I used concealer to even out my lips, but then who's got time especially when re-applying! 'Honeylove' also which I own but when I wore this my man exclaimed: "where's your lips gone dyno?" - ENOUGH said!

'Half N Half' is an amplified cream lipstick, these are extremely soft and creamy lipsticks, rich in colour and opaque with one swipe and a generous amount of colour is transferred. The formula doesn't settle as a sheer matte but a very light gloss or you could say a creamy sheen. It wears for around 6 hours and is very moisturising.

As you can see from the above pictures it does appear a pinky brown swatched on my hand, but see below on my lips it's definitely more nude. I'm looking forward to pairing this with a smokey eye and hopefully getting a better reaction from the man this time! I do actually feel more comfortable stepping out with this colour.

What do you guys think?

Dyno x


  1. Love Half N Half, need to dig it out and wear it more. You look gorg with it on, very au natural :) x x

    1. Thank you! Yeh definitely worth finding it and using again! I wore it again today and was pleased! xxx