Sunday, 15 July 2012

MAC Casual Colour Collection - 'Weekend Getaway' Lip & Cheek Colour Review

Described by MAC as a "Versatile, lightweight all-in-one colour for cheeks and lips. Creamy, super-blendable, barely there formula. Contains Vitamin E to help keep skin and lips nourished. Limited Edition."

I picked this little beauty up in San Francisco last month, in this collection eight shades were released and the one that suited me the most was 'Weekend Getaway' for the lips especially, I wasn't sure if I would use it on my cheeks, but if I did it would be the most flattering colour for my NC42 skintone.

'Weekend Getaway' is described by MAC as a 'Cool Rose', on my lips and cheeks it is exactly that, definitely a cooler pink with a rose coloured hint. 

On the lips, this product is creamy in consistency and applies smoothly, for those like me who don't like sticking their fingers in the pot you can use a lip brush, but to be very honest this formula works rather well by applying the product using your fingers. I like how sheer I can apply this and then if I wanted a heavier lip colour I can build it up by applying more and it doesn't end up looking overdone. It stays in place and there is no bleeding of colour. I cannot detect it on my lips, it doesn't feel drying but also isn't sticky at all in-fact it's moisturising. The wear time is pretty decent too, I apply a heavy and decent amount to cover my lips and it wears for upto 4-5 hours, which I think is quite good from a product like this because if you require longer wear and coverage then perhaps go for a lipstick, this is one of those go-to products you can keep in your bag for laid back days that can actually brighten up your look. If your wondering if this is a lip balm I think it definitely isn't, it's like a creamy lipstick in a tub.

On the cheeks, firstly I didn't think I would use it but as a try out I did and was pleasantly surprised. Compared to a cream blush this definitely has a less oily 'dewy' feeling to it, I think this is the baby sister of MAC's cream blushes because the formula on the cheeks doesn't feel heavy, it's not sticky but it's definitely more blendable than their ordinary cream blushes. I really liked it, 'Weekend Getaway' gives me a gorgeous baby pink flush of colours to my cheek and it's best applied using fingers. A brush really packs on the colour and just doesn't create a natural finish like I got with using my fingers to blend it out. The best thing though is I didn't notice it accentuate any pores on my cheeks, it appeared smooth and lightly dewy with a pretty glow.

(Above Left - Heavy single swatch for lips , Above Right - Blended out heavy swatch for cheek application)

I really like this product, it's quite versatile because you can carry just this and use it on the lips and cheeks and be on the go, I'm going to be keeping an eye out for this in some MAC stores or a CCO to get hold of one more colour as the one I want is sold out online, there are some different ones available online and I highly recommend this product. If you like the dewy look and would love to have a matching lip colour with your blush this is definitely for you! I really wish I picked up a couple more as I never bothered with it till a few days ago! 

Here I'm wearing it just on my lips: (gingerly blush on my cheeks from before)

Here I'm wearing it on my lips and cheeks:(Weekend Getaway)

Love MAC!

Dyno x


  1. So jealous at all the MAC goodies you pick up! I only wish I was closer to a MAC store or counter. The lippie looks good on you!