Saturday, 28 July 2012

Creme de la Mer samples

Last week I popped into my local Creme de la Mer counter in Harrods to pick up my favourite cream (Gel de la Mer) which I previously blogged about here. While I was there I got to discuss some of my skin concerns with the skin care expert and she very kindly sent me away with a few samples to try in my own time before I decide to purchase them in full.

These samples are:
  • Emulsion de la Mer - The Oil Absorbing Lotion
  • Soin Visage de la Mer - The Hydrating Infusion
  • Concentrate de la Mer - The Eye Concentrate

Now I use alot of Clarins products in fact I rely quite heavily on them because they work on my skin, but if I want to switch to something more luxurious I always turn to La Mer and they are just as spectacular as Clarins. So my skin is still in brilliant condition I don't exactly have skin concerns but I noticed my nose area oiling up a little in this warm weather we have been having and as I don't wear makeup everyday I didn't want to be using a primer so this is were I was interested in trying out:

  • Emulsion de la Mer - The Oil Absorbing Lotion, this is the only cream from La Mer I haven't tried until last week and I have to say it's just as good as the others. It's a lot lighter and a oil free version, it's texture is runny once it goes on I really couldn't feel it was there, I didn't immediately notice a difference to my t-zone area but three to four days later it began to take it's effect and I definitely noticed a big difference on the amount of shine on my t-zone area especially my nose. But it is too light for the rest of my face - definitely a product for someone with very oily skin or just for summer months.

The next product that I was interested in for my skin at the moment was a hydrating product. I currently use a hydraquench serum from Clarins during the day; as this is almost nearing it's end I wanted to see if anything else was more effective as I'm finding my skin especially my cheeks is still quite dehydrated even with Clarins hydraquench serum, so I've currently been using:

  • Soin Visage de la Mer - The Hydrating Infusion, this is a gel serum like any other serum but I noticed it to be of slightly heavier consistency than my previous Clarins one. I noticed first few days my skin was really drinking this up and after about four days my skin adjusted and I noticed more softer and supple skin without the one tiny dry patch that became visible when foundation was applied! I use this serum during the day with the La Mer Moisturising Lotion and the radiance serum from La Mer at night and the three combined together have given me really glowwy skin, I've enjoyed going au natural for two days now!

Lastly is something completely new for me, eye serum/cream. I actually don't use any particular eye creams but I think it's about time I did, I don't have any eye concerns, I don't suffer from dark circles, puffiness etc but the skin under the eye area is of course extremely delicate and if I protect it now I should hopefully not have any problems in later years. Occasionally I will apply Kiehls Avocado eye cream but now I'm getting serious about the eye cream I use and this is where I am completely in love with:

  • Concentrate de la Mer - The Eye Concentrate, its an ultraluxe cream and from some of the reviews I read it's a effective one. I have to agree, I have noticed instant results in the firmness of my undereye skin. I always thought my skin under the eyes was fine, it is but it's even more supple, softer and firm. Which means if it continued to be less firm and without any treatment to the area it would eventually lose it's elasticity and form wrinkles etc. So I'm glad I've nipped it in the bud now and I can happily say this is absolute wonderful and effective eye cream I have used; better than Kiehls and if something is working so well I don't think I need to find another! I'll now be using this religiously!

I'm really pleased with all three samples, it's highly likely I'll go back for the Hydrating Infusion as long as my skin continues to enjoy it and doesn't over produce any sebum from all the extra hydration. I'm still on the fence about the Oil Absorbing Lotion for the very reason that we don't always get a prolonged summer here in the UK and I only get over oily on my nose mostly when it's hot, so is there really a need to purchase such an expensive lotion? I only use it on my nose as it's not heavy enough for my cheeks or rest of my face. I'm thinking maybe finding a different primer or sticking to blot papers will be a less expensive option. The Eye Concentrate is a firm buy for me and I will be going back to purchase this. I'm still impressed with everything though - it's definitely a bonus to try out the products in samples before spending so much money on La Mer.

Love La Mer!

Dyno x

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