Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Chanel Les Expressions De Chanel Makeup Collection 2012

This is the first of many Chanel posts I am going to do because I have discovered some already released and soon to be released makeup collections appearing from my much loved Chanel! I have for you about four new releases and a haul post with my purchases from some of these collections coming up.

So to begin with...I give to you - CHANEL LES EXPRESSIONS DE CHANEL

This collection at first seems pretty basic in terms of choice, the mascaras featured for example are from their permanent range and one which is being released as a waterproof version and some three different colour expression palettes: Brown, Purple and Coral Expression. 

There is one Illusion D'Ombre and one eyeshadow quad that have been repromoted - pointless in my opinion but I guess they add 'busyness' to the new limited edition eyeshadow quads (which I think are not so cool). However these sets really liven up the choices with the release of two new and limited edition Illusion D'Ombres (if your a collector of these like myself) matched with the eyeshadow quads.
The Illusion D'Ombres are:
'Vision' - yellow gold: Brown Expression Set
'Abstraction' - red brow: Coral Expression Set
'Illusoire' - purple (repromote): Purple Expression Set

The eyeshadow quads are:
'Intuition' - Brown Expression Set
'Vision' - Purple Expression Set
'Eclosion' - (repromote) Coral Expression Set

Will you be picking anything from this collection? It has already released at most Chanel counters in the UK, I was lucky enough to pick up the Illusion D'Ombre in 'Vision' one which is selling out superfast!.

Love Chanel!

Dyno x

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