Thursday, 28 June 2012

Makeup Travel Case

This little beauty is officially my best buy of 2012!

I have been on the look out for a professional makeup travel case for a very long time. I know there are so many makeup cases out there but I was looking for the ONE. I also needed a soft case and not a hard metal one that I have come across. Also previously what ever I would find held alot of makeup, but I noticed products breaking, falling on top of each other and getting damaged during flights/travel. Plus they were way to expensive and bulky for something I would use only a couple of times a year and mostly on holiday.

After almost 3 years of searching for a decently priced and excellent quality soft makeup travel case I found this 'Black Makeup Case with 4x Extendable Compartments'.

Described as a professional black makeup case, is a convenient way to carry cosmetics and tools around town. The rigid and hard material keep the cosmetics protected. It has extendable partitions, convenient for storage and use plus pockets and brush holders inside the case to keep things organized.

This proved to be an absolute delight to carry, use and keep makeup all in one place whilst on holiday. I'm the type of person that always thinks of the 'What if...' scenario and like to pack extra things 'Just in case...' plus I love to have a choice/selection to choose from (especially if I'm going to be away from home for over a week). 

This case gave me just that, it's versatile and very functional the best parts being the solid/hard separate compartments and the soft cushioned outside. Everything I wanted to take away with me was in the case, tightly packed together and nothing broke. I could easily house my lip products, eye products, skin products, palettes and spare bits and pieces of makeup I wanted to have with me. 

Right at the bottom and centre view is the largest compartment of the case, it is quite deep and I can easily place different products tightly packed together so that during travel nothing falls around onto each other and gets damaged/broken. In this compartment I mostly kept my highlighters, blushes, eye palettes and small makeup jars I wanted to have on holiday.

The middle part of the case has two equal sized compartments, here on each side I kept lipglosses, foundation, powders and concealer.

The top of the case also has two equal sized compartments, here I housed my lipsticks and eye products. 

The soft cover of the case is flexible and has brush holders and two zip pockets to hold anything you like really, I stored all my brushes I wanted with me here.

The compartments as you can see fold out and extend and fold back in when pushed together to form back the perfect shape of the case. As long as products are placed carefully according to the height and width of the compartments and case there is no obstruction. The soft lid folds over the compartments and zips closed.

The case is extremely light weight! I think I remember it weighing in at 1kg (before makeup is put in) making it brilliant for travelling as you have weight limits. The Size of it is: 7.5"H x 10"W x 6"D (25cm x 20cm x 16cm) and it holds PLENTY of products as you can see from the pictures, (I could easily fit more!).

The quality is brilliant as the outer material of the case and lid is nylon and any dirt or marks can be easily wiped off. The pockets have a little mesh net so you can see what you have stored in these pockets. The inside of the case is well made and has suede covered compartments that give the whole case a quality feeling.The case can be hand carried or hang on the shoulder with removable and adjustable shoulder straps.

I had no problem with this case, it was the best thing I took away on holiday with me, it looks expensive, well made and keeps everything well packed together, stayed in place and was organised! And the best thing for the end of this post? It was only £20.00!

My search for a travel beauty case is well and truly over and I cannot wait to go on holiday again so I can take this little beauty with me!

Love Love Love my Makeup/Beauty Travel Case!

Dyno x


  1. I've been looking for a soft shell one like this too! I'm so picky that every time I pick up a case I return it bc it's not durable, too bulky, or I hate it after a week lol

  2. Where did you buy it???? What's it called?

  3. Where did you buy it???? What's it called?

  4. Need this one. How and where? Thanks. Sara

    1. Hi i got this off ebay back in 2012 - i just typed in makeup travel cases and i came across it on a random

    2. Hi , this bag looks great ... Definitely need one .. can you perhaps tell us the name of the seller on ebay ?

    3. Hi , looks great .. definitely need one , perhaps you can tell us the name of the ebay seller ? Thanx

  5. This is what I typed in eBay search bar Black Makeup Case Extendable Compartmen