Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Cosmetics Haul

My first shopping post since returning from San Francisco is probably an obvious one seeing as the blog is a make up and beauty one! I am definitely one of those girls that no matter how much makeup I have there will always be time and space to purchase more, especially when on holiday. Plus there's something so special about going on holiday and buying makeup - I don't feel guilty  about it, lol!

I picked up a few limited edition items from MAC plus some permanent ones and a few bits from Walgreens that I cannot get here in the UK and two items from Victorias Secret cosmetics line which I was interested in trying.

  • MAC Hey Sailor Bronzing Powder in Refined Golden
  • MAC Hey Sailor Pigment in Old Gold
  • MAC Hey Sailor Eyeshadow in Nautical Navy
  • MAC Hey Sailor Eyeshadow in Jaunty

Now if you read my posts here on the MAC Hey Sailor collection haul then your probably thinking why did she buy more?! Well... I hit pan on my refined golden bronzer before I departed so whilst at the MAC counter I thought I might as well pick up the limited edition version of refined golden. 

I also picked up two other eyeshadows I didn't buy when the collection came out in the UK and regretted not picking them up. I'm not much into pigments to be honest I have a few from the holiday collections but never use them, but when I swatched old gold pigment I fell in love and knew it would be something I'd start using alot. The colour is just gorgeous, it's a permanent at MAC which I never knew but well worth having with this cute packaging! 

  • MAC Casual Colour Lip and Cheek Colour in Weekend Getaway

Casual Colour Collection released in the US a day before I was leaving, I had a quick peek and basically this collection is for a weekend chic, natural barely there look. The highlight of collection happens to be the Casual Colour Lip and Cheek Colours available in 8 shades of which for now only 1 appealed to me and suited my skin tone. 

Weekend Getaway is a cool rose colour, looks absolutely beautiful on my lips and I am yet to try it out on the cheeks. I think it's quite a cool product considering it's versatile with it's uses. It smells lovely and doesn't feel sticky, it also lasts on the lips for about 4-6 hours, not bad at all. This is a limited edition item. I'll do a full review on this soon.

  • MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation NC42
  • MAC Mineralise Skin Finish Natural in Medium Deep
  • MAC Blush in Sunbasque
  • MAC Blush in Mocha
  • MAC Lipstick in Faux
  • MAC Lipstick in Russian Red

Above are bits from MAC's permanent line. I picked up Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation whilst at the airport to use for a touch up when I got off my flight which was 12 hours by the way! What made me pick this up was when I took my Aunty to MAC to try out some products I at random used this on her and really liked the results. I was sceptical to use it on myself because I cannot wear MAC's liquid foundations as they break me out, but I used it in store, kept it on and my skin was fine. This was a life saver after my flight and so much more convenient than carry a liquid foundation and brush - literally swipe and go!

I also picked up my favourite MAC powder Mineralise Skin Finish Natural, it's super silky on the skin and great to use on bare skin without foundation to give a natural matte finish. Excellent as a touch up!

I picked up two blushes - Sunbasque and Mocha. Sunbasque has been on my list for like forever but I just never got round to purchasing it. With the summer months I finally thought I need this for my bronzed makeup looks so bought this too. Mocha was not a blush that crossed my mind much, but looking at my blush collection I wanted something matte pink with a plum undertone. So Mocha it was!

I even bought two lipsticks, Faux is a muted mauve pink similar to my holy grail Modesty lipstick from MAC , I used up Modesty whilst in San Francisco and already had a back up of it at home so thought I'd try something similar but slightly different. Russian Red lipstick has also been on my to buy list, no real justification for it but that I have a weakness for red lipsticks and I needed it. Review soon.

  • From Sephora - MUFE HD Foundation Samples in #128 and #153

It is really difficult to get matched up and get samples for MUFE HD Foundation here in the UK, so I took my chances at Sephora and managed to get two different shades of the foundation that I can mix together to get the closest match possible before I cave in and buy full size versions. I have tried this foundation before but never fell in love with it, maybe because the colour match was not correct, I know I need to mix two shades to get the right match. Something alot of ladies out there have had to do. Review soon.

  • Victorias Secret Baked Mineral Bronzing Powder in Glitterati
  • Victorias Secret Lip Liner in Nude

I don't think I know any lady out there who doesn't want a Victorias Secret Angels bronzey glow and nude lip. I thought I'd start with their lovely bronzer and nude lip pencil. I have to say I'm loving their cosmetics line and digging the bronzer packaing - quite cute! Review soon.

  • Covergirl Lash Blast Volume Mascara in Very Black
  • Covergirl Line Exact Eye Liner in Very Black

Having read and followed many blogs in the US, Covergirl pops up quite a bit. It is a brand available at US drugstores very easily, it's also got some cool ratings and reviews so considering I am a high end brand junkie I was interested in trying some products out. Now I have to say I really wanted some of their lipsticks but the shades were sold out at nearly 5 Walgreens I went to!! Believe me there are no end of Walgreens in US, I haven't seen so many so close together in all my life! Anyway I picked up their famous mascara and I liked the look of the eyeliner so grabbed that too! Review soon.

  • MAC #224 Tapered Blending Brush 
  • MAC #239 Eye Shader Brush

I picked two eye brushes I needed but had been putting off for quite some time. I needed an extra blending brush just so I had one spare available at hand and because I use it so much I placed myself in the scenario of: what if I lose it? Unlikely because I'm so OCD about my things but you just never know. I also needed the shader brush so I could now have one for different shades of colours - one for dark, light and shimmer .

  • Essie Nail Lacquer Vernis in Secret Story - Pink
  • Essie Nail Lacquer Vernis in Enuf-is-Enuf - Coral

Essie Nail Polishes I find are a mission to get hold of in the UK, many times I have gone along to Selfridges with a list of colours I want and they never seem to have them. I spotted them on offer at half the price I would pay in the UK and bought two colours that are perfect for summer, both will look so cute on my toes with tanned skin! 

I hope you enjoyed reading my haul post, I'll be doing reviews on most of the items I've bought over the next  few days. Let me know if you have any questions. 

Love Hauls!

Dyno x

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