Thursday, 3 May 2012

MAC Hey Sailor Swatches

Hey guys, the much anticipated MAC Summer Collection was launched today and I swatched absolutely everything to the point I felt like my arm was going to drop off!

Hey, Sailor! FACE

Below: Bronzing Powder and Prolongwear Bronzing Powder

Below Left: To the Beach Body Oil, Right: Liquid Lip Balm

Hey, Sailor! COLOUR

Below Left: Lipglass, Right: Lipstick

Below: Pro Longwear Lip Pencil

Below Left: Powerpoint Eye Pencil, Right: Eyeshadow

Below: Pigment

Below: Powder Blush and Highlight Powder


All the liquid lip balms are lovely not sticky with a texture of syrup. 

The bronzers are lovely too with 'Refined Golden' a permanent at MAC anyway. Depending on your skin tone you should try them out to see what shade you prefer. For my NC42 skintone I picked 'Soft Sand' and 'Refined Golden' these showed up nicely. 'Nude on Board' is quite light and yellow based bronze whereas 'Sun Dipped' is a more red based bronze - it didn't show up too well on my skintone but also appeared like it will show up more orange than bronze. These two will suit any other skin tone really well, NC35 upwards may prefer my choices of bronzer.

To the Beach Body oils are gorgeous, I picked up both as they are different, one has a silver shimmer and the other a gold shimmer, no colour pay off but a subtle sheen.

I personally didn't like two of the lipsticks only 'Red Racer' and 'To Catch A Sailor' and both lipsticks are absolutely gorgeous, Red Racer is a stunning red and To Catch a Sailor is a different kind of gold lipstick topped with a clear lipgloss it's really pretty. The other two lipsticks were ok but not my cup of tea. The lipglasses are cool, I'm not so sure about 'Cut Loose' though, white lipgloss anyone? The lip pencils are useful I guess too but easily dupable and not a necessity.

All the eyeshadows are gorgeous so if your on the out for new shades I would recommend all of them, I personally picked 'Feeling Fresh' as I don't have anything like it in my collection. If your a person for eye pencils they are awesome to have in your collection too. The pigments are colourful as always but I'm not sure I'm one of those pigment users, they're too messy for me!

The blushers are nice, one peach toned and one pink toned. 'Fleet Fast' reminds me of Nars Orgasm without any shimmer and a sheerer version. 'Launch Away' is quite powdery soft pink. The highlight powder looks nice in the pan but one I skipped because it's not something I would use that much as it just wasn't as lovely as some skin finishes or highlighters that have been around, to me it was like a blusher so I skipped it.

I'll be posting up my MAC Hey, Sailor! Haul post soon so stay tuned, I only bought a few items so I'll do a more in-depth review of them.

So what will you be purchasing? Note: On the UK website the 'Red Racer' lipstick and 'Feeling Fresh' eyeshadow have sold out, these two being the most popular items so far in the collection! So hurry down to your local MAC!

Dyno x


  1. Great swatches! I love your watch. :)

  2. @Wendy Thank you hun, I'll be posting up my own haul from the collection on Monday hopefully! x

  3. Loving this post! But I have a question. Do they never question you putting the stuff on your arms and then taking pictures? Do you just tell them you have a beauty blog and it's for the readers? I would be beyond scared trying this in the store! Hahaha.

  4. @Katie Alyse Chamel LOL! I go into my local MAC store maybe like twice a week even if I'm not buying anything, I know the girls and guys so well they miss me if I don't show my face for more than a week! They know I have a beauty blog so they don't mind! Apart from customers giving me weird looks...It's ok!

  5. Thanks for the swatches, I love their lipglasses.


    1. No problem, this collection was one of my favourites this year!!! xxx