Saturday, 5 May 2012

The Clear Cube

I love beautifully made items and The Clear Cube is one of those beautiful items. For me it was a must have and I ordered and waited....and waited....waited some more....before it finally arrived! 

And I can report that the wait for it was so worth it, how do I know this? Well.. You know when you keep going back to take a glimpse at your new item, you wake up during the middle of the night just to appreciate it! That's what I do and how I feel!

I purchased The Original Clear Cube with 5 Draws and a 6th Upper Compartment with a hinged lid. I didn't opt for a Handle because I wanted to store items on top plus I wanted it to look completely flat and flush. I did also purchase the 'Grid Insert' to create 8 equal sized compartments within the draw and the 'X - Insert' to compartmentalize into 4 sections. 

However I am only using the original 'X - Insert'. I managed to track down some other random acrylic grid inserts that are adjustable and fit my draw perfectly, the 'Grid Insert' provided with The Clear Cube are removable but not adjustable; I have kept these for when I change up my draws in the future but for now I am using the random grids I managed to find so that I can adjust, rearrange and create my own type of sections in the draw.

Here it is in the packaging and empty when it arrived:

Here it is filled with my makeup and MAC Dazzlesphere Balls on Top - So cute:

Next you can see what each draw is actually filled with:

Above: Left - Draw 1 from Bottom - Foundations, Concealers and Setting Powders
Above: Right - Draw 2 from Bottom - Eye Palettes, Shadows, Paint Pots, Eye Liners/Pencils, Mascaras

Above: Left - Draw 3 from Bottom - Drugstore items - Shadows Pots/Loose, Palettes, Lipsticks, Lip Glosses, Balms, Face Products, Lashes, Blushers, Bronzers, Highlighters
Above: Right - Draw 4 from Bottom - Lipsticks, Lip Glosses, Lip Balms, Lip Pencils

Above: Left- Draw 5 from Bottom - Blushers, Bronzers, Highlighters
Above: Right - Compartment Number 6 with Lid Closure - Primers, Skin Care/Makeup Removal Samples, Sharpeners/Tools, Setting Sprays, Random Samples to try

The Clear Cube is brilliant, I would definitely purchase another one and consider the 4 draw and wide 5 draw one. My makeup looks beautiful on display, it's easy to organise and access everything. 
"Organize it! Store it! Find it Fast!", I know it is very expensive but worth it; as it's strong, durable and a well made quality product!

My vanity and how it looks:

(You can also read about my Vanity drawer's storage and how I keep all my products here)

 Love Love Love The My Clear Cube!

Dyno x


  1. I like it too! Very nice! Looks great where you have it too.

  2. wow now that's a makeup collection! I love the Dazzlesphere Balls, sooo pretty, wish I had got a few now! My blusher draw is starting to resemble yours now - we clearly like our blushes!!!

    Did you know that you can get the Clear Cube in the UK now? There's a wholesaler selling directly from the US manufacturer. Wayne Goss mentioned it on his Youtube channel. The best thing is that it costs less!!! So gutted as I purchased a second Clear Cube about a year ago - at least you can save some money :)

    1. Thank you hun! I didn't want to take the items out the Dazzlesphere balls so I can remind myself it's xmas all the time! (got them as presents lol) Oh I'm a blush addict too there can never be enough blushers in the world to satisfy me - glad you like blushes too!

      Someones wholesaling the Clear Cube in UK?!!! Seriously? I have been holding out on getting a second one because of the price, but thank you so much for letting me know about that! Yayyy first time someone's looking out for me to save money! Can't thank you enough!

      I'll check out his video, xxxxxx

    2. No problem hun :) Goss's collection will wow you for sure!!! x x

    3. Oh my goodness he's got like four Clear Cube's in a row! Amazing right?! He had a link for the cube in the details box so handy and my goodness I think we paid way too much money for our cubes now!

      This is why the word 'Impatient' was invented! Could have got two for the price of one lol or maybe more! Oh well if my collection grows anymore might have to make that order sooner rather than later..especially after MAC Heavenly Creature collection I let myself loose with, have you checked it out?

      I've had to empty out one draw in the cube to make space for more skinfinishes and blushes! Oh boy xxx

    4. Lol yep I'm really impatient especially if I really like something, but my friend keeps reminding me that I've been enjoying using my 2nd CC for over a year and who would have predicted that it would ever be available here anyhow?!

      Your Heavenly Creature Collection made my head swoon, anymore purchases like this and you will definitely need the 2nd CC. x x

    5. Glad I'm not the only impatient one! To be fair if you've got good use out of your second CC then no harm! I'm definitely going to be ordering a second one now that's it's available here.

      Ahhh Heavenly Creature! The items are really lovely to wear especially Light Year, Center of Universe and Star Wonder Skinfinish if your into them. Supernova Blush is gorgeous on asian skin, I'm thinking of going back for one more blush and a lipstick. Then I think I'll be done - Until another collection pops up! I spent so much money on Hey Sailor too...that was a great collection because of the packaging! xxx