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Sleek Blush by 3 Palette in 'Flame' - Review & Swatches

Sleek describes: "The blush by "3" palette has been formulated with intense pigment, yet the shades can be layered, in order to achieve the required intensity."

I very rarely go for drugstore blushers, I don't have anything against them but I find I'm very good at picking up random stuff and then feeling like damn I spent so much money I could have bought the £30 Dior blush which I wanted sooooo much! But on a trip to Superdrug about a month ago I saw the Sleek stand with 5 colourful palettes of blush and oh my god were they bright! The best part though was there were 3 colours available in each palette for £9.99. If you know about Sleek blushes then you have probably heard they are compared to Nars blushes with positive comments.

I am a Nars addict I live by Nars makeup! So comparing a drugstore blush to Nars is a big deal to me, however I happen to agree that Sleek blushes are very close to a Nars blush, in terms of pigmentation, colour pay off in fact they are quite intense and last for a good few hours of the day. There is also a great selection of colours available and these palettes are great to travel with as you can take along two palettes and you have 6 blushes in a single compact! I believe these are now available online on the Sleek website.

If you read my post here on the SIeek Blush by 3 Palettes Review and Swatches when they first released then you will know I already picked up three palettes that I liked: Pumpkin, Sugar and Lace, but I went back for 'Flame' too, why? because you know what drew me to it? The bright red blush shade in the palette. Now I don't own Nars 'Exhibit' blush because I don't see myself wearing a bright blood red blush at all but seeing this Sleek palette with an identical shade and from some comparisons of 'Exhibit' and Sleek I found online being a dupe I thought why not just grab it!

Before I start showing you swatches I just want to clarify one thing, each palette contains 3 colours, each of which have their own name on the back of the palette. Alot of blogs have incorrectly named these blushes as they may not be sure of the name order when the palette is back to front. So I'm here to let you know the name of the blush is in contrast to the name exactly positioned behind the blush palette. SO basically when you open the palette the first blush on the left hand side will have the name which is the far right hand side when you turn the palette over and look at the back. If you get the palette it will become more clearer!

Flame Palette - The Flame palette consists of 3 fully pigmented Shimmer and Matte blushers

Molten is a burnt orange colour with a golden sheen which is the most unique in the palette in comparisson to other Sleek colours in this category of shades. For example it's sheerer and lighter than 'Pan Tao' blush.

Bon Fire is a highly pigmented matte red. The scariest in the palette and a true red, I've seen it swatched next to Nars 'Exhibit' and it is the same.

Furnace is a warm pink/brown with a tinge of orange with a subtle shimmery sheen. On my skintone I think it appears more like a coral.

I am very impressed with the Flame blush palette just like I am with the others, you get 20g of product thats still more product than having 3 MAC (6g) blushes and 4 Nars blushes (4.8g)! The pigmentation is really good as I'v mentioned before and this keeps coming up because these blushes don't let you down. 

There is a mixture of blush textures with shimmer which are very minimal, lightly sheen and matte finishes all which are undoubtedly lovely to use and versatile. Plus I get to have a Nars blush dupe that I didn't really want to spend money on when it was going to be a very little used blush! Bonus all the way I guess!

Check out my review on the rest of the Sleek Blush by 3 palettes HERE!

Liking Sleek!

Dyno x

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  1. This is such a lovely review, and the swatches are so accurate! Thank you :)