Thursday, 26 April 2012

New Acrylic Drawer Organisation

A recent trip to Ikea was one which made me go mad with excitement! I did all my research and made lists of everything I wanted to purchase from my local Ikea store and I could not wait to get my hands on these acrylic items. Of course I had to get them in before another major acrylic surprise arrived - more of that surprise later!

The series which caught my eye was the 'GODMORGON' - It is actually a bathroom series and you can create a well organized bathroom. The drawer accessories are just small parts I have picked out for my bedroom draws instead, I have not purchased the bathroom range itself. Alternatively the three items I have picked up are great items to help organize all bits and bobs you may have. Here's how they are below:

My dressing/vanity table top has a mirror in the centre with mirrored and acrylic jewellery boxes with my everyday jewellery on display on the left hand-side. To the right hand-side I also have a new addition The Clear Cube (Post coming soon!). My vanity also has 6 equal sized normal drawers and one narrow middle draw. If you read my post here on my room organization you will know what it was like previously. But as a quick idea; I have in draw-
  1. Overflow Jewellery Items in boxes - Left hand-side
  2. All my perfumesLeft hand-side
  3. Skin care items -  Left hand-side
  4. Hair Accessories and Miscellaneous items I may need - Narrow middle
  5. Everyday essentials I use - Right hand-side
  6. Makeup brushes, Nail, Extra items, other essentials -  Right hand-side
  7. Body productsRight hand-side
The numbers above coincide with the picture of my draws below:

So this set-up has always been the same in my room, but what I needed was basically draw tidies and so that's why I got the acrylic draw items. Overtime I have collected plenty of useful items that were kind of stocking up neatly on top of each other, I wanted them to be visible all at the same time rather than have to go through each one. I only needed organizers for 3 draws as my jewellery, perfumes and body products are different shapes and sizes and will not fit amongst the acrylic storage.

I therefore have acrylic organization for my skin care, everyday essentials and makeup brushes, here's what I've done for each of the three draws number 3, 5 and 6:

Above: Dividers, Storage with Compartments
Nine compartments have been created in my draw for my skin care and each one is organised as: morning items, night items, makeup removal, facial items, body items, speciality treatments, 2 sections of samples and backups. Two small trays hold the samples and also fit inside the draw rather than hanging on the sides. The dividers can be adjusted/removed to suit the space and compartments you may want to create.

Above: Transparent Box with Lid Set of 5
I have used the large square box for my wipes and smaller serums, hair and essential bottles I use, the rectangular box is used for cotton wool pads, the three small square boxes I use for cosmetic buds, sponges and tools. I have also stored a deodorant, pads and tissues in the empty spaces.

Above: Box with Compartments, brush compartment lifts up for more storage.
Although I love all the above acrylic storage this is my favourite item of the lot because I wanted something that would hold my makeup brushes in my draw rather than leaving brushes out on display on my vanity where they collect dust - this was really annoying.

There are so many compartments with this piece that the brushes fit perfectly and neatly. I can also access them quickly and easily! The nail polish holder is brilliant too and can be removed, the compartment where I have placed my brushes stays attached but can be manoeuvred backwards and forwards to reveal a storage space underneath where I have placed more brushes. There is still enough space left on the side of the draw where the acrylic box is placed in the draw; so I can put a few extra items next to it.

All I do now when getting ready during the day or settling down at night is sit down at my vanity right in the middle and access all my products easily! It's such a lovely feeling seeing everything in order and being able to use it without fishing around for it like crazy! Having the acrylic organizers is such a brilliant concept for draws and I'm loving each one! Anyone who visits my room now just goes crazy with how much stuff I have but how well prepared and organized it is! So this is my ideal vanity storage solution for now!

For Me My Room Is My Sanctuary! What do you think of my organization?

Love Love Love Organization!

Dyno x


  1. Oh my gosh, so jealous! I'm debating going to school for cosmetology and this just made me drool!


  2. @Katie Alyse Chamel Hhehe :) you should go I would love too!xx