Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Models Own Bottleshop

Models Own is a fashion and trend colour accessory brand with cosmetics/makeup for eyes, lips, nails and face. I, probably like yourself particularly know them for their huge selection of nail polishes, they are your budget friendly, quality and king of nail polishes! But what on earth is a 'Bottleshop'?

(The original creative for Models Own Bottleshop)

Models Own are launching their first ever retail store, and it’s designed to look like a nail polish bottle! Mark Rodol, the CEO for Models Own, explained how they came up with the idea of a bottleshop. “At Models Own we like to do things differently. You hear about other brands trying to create ‘immersive shopping experiences’ so we’ve taken this literally by asking people to actually shop in the world’s largest bottle of nail polish!"

The store opened today at Westfield London - White City and is located on the 1st floor centre of the mall. I think it looks really nice,it's such a cool and creative idea! It's like a MAC store for Nail Polish lovers really!

Although I have my nails done professionally I always take along my own polish to change the colour. Usually I have just a silk gel as an overlay on my natural nails to keep them strong so they don't break. Then I enjoy a nail polish from my own collection which I can use on my paws (toes) too!

I'm going to head down to the mall to check out the 'Bottleshop' tomorrow morning, here's a peak at some of their collections for Spring/Summer 2012, which I'm sure will be easily available to pick up tomorrow, there's one colour which I'm desperate to get my hands on so so much!

Models Own 'Freshen Up Spring' - a gorgeous selection of pastel shades:

Models Own Cult Favourite 'Beetlejuice', with the first three shades being a new addition to the collection of daring colours:

Models Own 'Hed Kandi' - the ultimate party polishes:

Love Pretty Nails...Like Models Own!

Dyno x

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