Sunday, 8 April 2012

MAC in Extra Dimension Collection Haul - Review and Swatches

"Introducing a new liquid-powder formula with prismatic reflections that sculpts, highlights and models the face. Two products to try: Extra Dimension Skinfinish and Extra Dimension Eye Shadow."

So guys I ended up picking all three Extra Dimension Skinfinishes/Highlighters and three of the ten Extra Dimension Eye shadows from the new MAC collection in Extra Dimension: 'Whisper of Guilt', 'Superb', 'Glorify' Skinfinishes. 'Modern Pewter', 'Havana', 'Rich Core' Eye shadows.

I am loving the formula, pigmentation and wear so much I want to back up the skinfinish products but keep telling my self that I just wouldn't get through a highlighter so quickly and will probably find something else, as new products keep coming along too! After all MAC keeps bringing out lovely products! The shadows too are so unique I have had to maintain self control and tell myself I won't wear the other colours because I have similar ones!

First up...Extra Dimension Skinfinish

'Whisper of Gilt' is described as a Light soft white with shimmery sheen. The type of sheen that this product reflects is similar to that of the Magically Cool Liquid Powders or the Iridescent powders also by MAC. 

'Whisper of Gilt' is a shade of highlighter I have been after for quite some time it's quite different and will look absolutely gorgeous with a orange or coral blush! 

'Superb' is described as a Soft peachy nude with multi dimensional shimmer. The type of sheen that this product reflects is similar to that of the Magically Cool Liquid Powders or the Iridescent powders also by MAC. Superb is one of my new favourites!

'Superb' is also a different highlighter although described as a soft peachy nude I also feel it appears or perhaps reflects a champagne kind of shade on my nc42 skin tone, I found 'Superb' to be similar to MAC's 'Honey Rose' Magically Cool Liquid Powder but with more controllable pigmentation.

'Glorify' is a described as Copper with golden shimmer. The type of sheen that this product reflects is similar to that of the Magically Cool Liquid Powders or the Iridescent powders also by MAC. 

Glorify I found similar to 'Cajun' Magically Cool Liquid Powder and 'Golden Bronze' Iridescent Powder. Cajun is quite a deep bronze with a tinge of orange and Golden Bronze is quite a true gold shimmery powder. Glorify does lean a true copper shade. Glorify works absolutely beautifully with tanned skin like myself or darker skin tones!

If you like having a gorgeous highlighter in your collection and enjoy the glow the Magically Cool Liquid Powders and Iridescent Powders give you then you will absolutely love and adore the Extra Dimension skinfinishes/highlighters. 

I like this formula better than the Mineralize Skinfinishes because they have better pigmentation, texture, and wear much longer without accentuating pores. MAC claims that these last up to 10 hours on the face. These lasted a full working day, so I can declare they are true to their long wear claim. 

If you read my collection release post here then you probably already know that I knew I wanted all three highlighters before I saw them in person and I did get them and I couldn't be any more excited about these beauties! I keep going to my makeup kit to look at them, the design on the product is so dimensional and impressive! 

The Extra Dimension Skinfinishes are a limited edition product, I've been reading that these are similar, if not identical, to Estee Lauders Powder Gelee Formula. I don't own one of the Estee Lauder Gelee's myself as I sadly missed out on them - they sold out pretty fast, so I can't give a comparison. But I don't feel like I've missed out on the Gelee's now because I got these gorgeous products instead! Plus considering Estee Lauder owns MAC I guess the products would be somewhat similar. 

These have more product and are cheaper than the Estee Lauder Gelee's, so definitely check out the MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinishes if you missed out on the Estee Lauder Powder Gelees. I browsed the US website and these are actually already sold out so if you find them at a counter or store then your lucky! Go find them! They are still available in the UK for now!

Next up...Extra Dimension Eye Shadows

The texture of the eye shadow is that of a poured molten liquid, with the smoothness of a cream but the blendability of a liquid and the wear and application of a powder. The formula looks and wears stunning. 

These are visually incredible and I think these are quite different to anything MAC has previously released. Initially I thought these would compare similar to perhaps the formulas of Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill shadows or Chanel Illusion D'Ombres but they aren't, no where close. 

'Modern Pewter' is described as a Dirty olive gold. In terms of shades 'Modern Pewter' can be compared to Chanel Illusion D'Ombre in Epatant or Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Eye shadow in Khaki Pulse, but these both have more of a silver/green gold sheen and Modern Pewter is definitely olive.

Modern Pewter is a gorgeous shade and was one of my first choices! It's a dirty gold with hints of brown, silver, and gray. It’s a pale antique gold with hints of green. When applied dry, it’s softer, sheerer, and more golden. When applied damp, it takes on more of the pewter-like characteristics

'Havana' is described as a Dirty copper brown. The texture, formula and application is the same as above. In terms of shade Havana is very different to some of the brown shadows I own. 

It's a unique brown shade and I didn't really note the copper in it but a nice light milk chocolate version. I like brown shades! The formula, pigmentation and application is just lovely so this was a must have for me in my collection. However Havana is a medium-dark warmed-up amber brown. When applied dry and damp it appears opaque and wet it's a deeper colour.

'Rich Core' is described as a Dirty Aubergine. The texture, formula and application is the same as the above two. 

In terms of shade Rich Core is gorgeous, I don't have anything like this colour in my collection to compare it too. So it's a unique plum shade, it also appears a dark burgundy and looks similar both wet and dry in application. 

Rich core has one of the better textures and pigmentation in comparison to all other shades. I tried them out in MAC. I like pairing Rich Core over MAC Paint Pot in Idylic and it really brings out the colour.

I think this new hybrid formula from MAC proves excellent, it's a refreshing and cool change from a standard eye shadow MAC has to offer as they haven't ventured out onto the cream to gel formulas for shadows like other brands such as Giorgio Armani, Chanel, Loreal or Maybelline have. I didn't check out the Metal X shadows but they were popular too so I guess MAC is doing good. 

I personally absolutely love these new products, they are smooth, easy to work with and glide across the eyes and skin perfectly. The metallic high polished finish creates various looks and won't leave one disappointed. Both the shadows and skinfinishes are a pleasure to use and a beauty just to own!

Did anyone else get in Extra Dimension?!

Love MAC!

Dyno x


  1. I need some of these!! Thank you so much for sharing! :)

  2. @for the love of beauty by lara Oh you must get them they are lovely products! No problem, thanks for visiting :)