Sunday, 15 April 2012

How To: Clean Makeup Brushes

Good quality makeup brushes can be very expensive and the key to maintaining them and keeping them at their best is to clean them regularly! I 'deep clean' mine once a week properly while also having an antibacterial and brush cleaner from MAC on my vanity, where I also 'spot clean' my brushes after each use, (I will do a post on how to do this too) . 

I think it's common sense that keeping your brushes clean is important and the contributing factor to ensure you don't get any spots/breakouts/blemishes. Take for example your foundation brush, when you use it after applying foundation a bit of moist foundation will be leftover on the brush and bacteria forms, gets attracted to the moistness and settles. For any skin type let alone senstive skin this is a major disaster waiting to break out! Therefore washing your brushes regularly is very important!

To wash your brushes you will need...:

Baby wash or shampoo, I use Johnsons & Johnsons Baby, dirty brushes, any cup or dish & a towel

1. Pour some of the shampoo/wash in your dish/cup depending on how many brushes you'll be washing and dip your dry dirty makeup brush into the shampoo

2. Swirl the brush around in the palm of your hand lathering up the shampoo and add water. You can repeat shampooing the brush until there is no more colour coming out of the brush

3. Rinse out the shampoo with luke warm water, make sure the brush head is slanted downwards - if its slanted upwards towards the water, the water can get into the hold of the hairs and that's how some brushes start to shed

4.  Once your brush is clean, squeeze excess water out of the brush and squeeze the brush with a towel

5. I usually also condition my brushes with any hair conditioner, especially my natural bristled brushes, they come out super soft and fluffy after each washing and conditioning session! This is optional, I like to do it!

6. Arrange the shape of each brush with your fingers and leave on a towel or edge to dry overnight, making sure the brushes are lying flat and not facing upwards. Natural bristle brushes take longer to dry than Synthetic brushes so do allow enough time for them to dry fully before you store them away!

Tip for cleaning sponges -  I clean my beauty blender sponge in the same way, I shampoo and rinse, however it takes a few shampoos to get all the dirt out. So I rinse out my sponge after every use rather than just once a week and this ensures the sponge is cleaned thoroughly.

Tip for drying - Never ever use a hair dryer to dry your brushes, firstly the heat can damage the bristles on the brush and secondly the glue can also become softer and melt making the brush head weaker and eventually useless! Allow them to always air dry.

I hope this helps and remember cleaning brushes often means your brushes don't get stained with colour, are squeaky clean, you are hygienic and it's like using a brand new brush where your make-up applies beautifully!

Love Cleaning Brushes!

Dyno x

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