Sunday, 22 April 2012

End of Week Haul

This weeks haul is six purchases:
  • Ikea Set of 5 Box with lid
  • Ikea Box with Compartments
  • Ikea Dividers/Storage with Compartments
  • The Clear Cube
  • Urban Decay Naked Palette
  • Lancome Doll Eyes Hypnose Mascara

I've been so busy re-organising my bedroom, so this week I purchased more décor/room organisation items and I am so excited. I also picked up a new mascara as I needed a new one and finally I got the Urban Decay Naked Palette!

Ikea Set of 5 Box with Lid - I browsed Ikea's website for a few acrylic organiser items that could be placed into drawers. My vanity/dressing table is quite organised but I wanted something for the drawers which would store the things I use neatly. The 5 box set is brilliant, below is an example from the Ikea website of how you can use the organiser. I will be doing a full organisation post to show you how I have used this in my draw later this week so stay tuned!

Ikea Box with Compartments - This is another acrylic item I was after and this is the one I absolutely love the most! My vanity/dressing table has 6 separate drawers and this fits perfectly into one of the draws. It's so neat, steady and has loads of storage space for little and large items. Again this will be featured on my organisation post later this week. Stay tuned!

Ikea Dividers/Storage with Compartments - I had a great idea for my skin care draw also with these dividers and was even more impressed when I saw them in person. Draw dividers are so useful, this particular set creates 9 separate decent sized compartments. I'm thinking of picking up a few more for my other draws in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen. This divider will also be featured in my organization post so you can see how I've put everything together.  Stay tuned!

The Clear Cube - After weeks of waiting and anticipating it's arrival; my most prized possession came. I have fallen in love with this beautiful item - a truly perfect organizer. It makes my room look so girly and dreamy, my makeup looks even more beautiful on show and it gives such extravagance to my vanity/dressing table. So you can see the trend here, I have an obsession with transparent acrylic organisation at the moment! But the Clear Cube is just so rich and divine. Definitely worth all the money I spent! So stay tuned to see my awesome organisation post featuring all these brilliant items!

Urban Decay Naked Palette - Ok so better late than never getting this most hyped about palette. I've always jumped to MAC, Chanel, Dior and YSL for eye products/shadows and palettes and I'll be totally honest I discovered and heard about this palette after I started reading makeup and beauty blogs about two years ago but never went ahead to purchase it till now. But I have to also jump on the band wagon and say I am in love. The choice of colours is just versatile and so useful for any day of the week and any look!

Lancome Doll Eyes Hypnose Mascara - I have tried all the Lancome Mascaras apart from this latest Doll Eyes one from Lancome. I guess it tells you that I do enjoy Lancome Mascaras, each one is formulated and designed to achieve and meet different types of expectations from your mascara from volume, length to curl. This particular one providing more of a fanned out look like a barbie doll. I'll do a post after I've used it a few times and feel happy to review it.

This weekend has been super busy! I got up early morning Saturday for yoga came home and just started my room organisation! I purchased quite a bit of wardrobe organisation items for storing my shoes and handbags. Now one wardrobe is dedicated to shoes only, another for handbags and two for all my clothes - yes I have four wardrobes to myself! Oh plus more shoe cubbys under the bed! I then started my vanity and re-organised all six drawers and the top, my organisation post later this week is something I am so looking forward to talking about!

Love Love Love this weeks Haul!

Dyno x


  1. sooo jealous you got your clear cubes! I always miss out when theyre back in stock! and i'm excited to see these organized drawers!

  2. @adthenshesmiled Oh boy I'm jealous of myself! You have to get one best decision of my life! I waited almost like 7-8 weeks, Post coming soon! xx