Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Chanel Summer Collection 2012 Preview

Ladies, BRACE yourselves, it's on it's way and I know that secretly like me you were thinking about the Summer 2012 makeup collection from French Fashion House Chanel, and I'm here to reveal to you the beautiful products included inside the 'Summertime de Chanel 2012' collection for Summer 2012!

Once again, Chanel the French maison delivers a collection which is filled with beautiful products, created in amazing shades, and it takes it's inspiration from natural beigy-sand and spice shades that tanned skin projects in the sunlight...Lucky me!


SOLEIL TAN DE CHANEL: Luminous Bronzing Powder £46.00/$65.00
Two bronzers, each comprised of seven unique shades, including a luminous gold - lend subtle hints of warmth and shimmer to every complexion. Blended altogether, the shades create a seamless bronzing effect; used on their own, the gold powders illuminate the complexion, while the darker shades sculpt the face when gently swept along its natural contours. 
  • #907 SABLE BEIGE - Golden Beige
A soft peach palette that brings a fresh glow to darker skin tones. 
  • #917 SABLE ROSE - Golden Pink
A deep pink harmony that lends radiance to lighter skin tones.

OMBRES CONTRASTE DUO - Eyeshadow Duo £30.00/$42.00
  • #37 SABLE EMOUVANT - Beige and Brown
The perfect neutrals for summer, create you bare brown bronze eyelids with a beige hint.

LE CRAYON YEUX - Precision Eye Definer £17.00/$29.00
  • #47 BRUN INTENSE - Deep Brown
Use a brown pencil to create a delicate smokey look with this brown pencil, no harsh lines just sheer sexy brown.

LE CRAYON KHOL - Intense Eye Pencil £17.00/$28.00
  • #75 PECHE CUIVRE - Coppery Peach
Make your eyes 'pop' with this pencil use on upper lash liner alone, inner water line to make eyes appear bigger without over doing it.

ROUGE COCO SHINE - Hydrating Sheer Lip Shine £23.00/$32.50
  • #437 EMPREINTE - Soft Pink Beige
If you wear your eye makeup heavy, then use this soft beige colour on the lips. A natural nude flush.
  • #447 EN VOGUE - Bright Coral
Feeling brave? En Vogue is the colour for your lips, sexy and understated with a delicate coral stain.

  • #327 SIROCCO - Beige
Sparkle with beige, delicate gold flecks for a shimmering summer.
  • #337 CALYPSO - Coral
Shimmer and shine with Calypso, subtle but generous lip colour with delicate flecks of shimmer.

LE VERNIS NAIL COLOUR - Lacquer £17.50/$26.00
The season's new nail shades beautifully enhance glowing, sunbathed skin. Soft beige, luminous bronze, and sumptuous coral each make an elegant Summer Statement.
  • #597 ISLAND - Soft Golden Beige
Natural beige sand shimmer for a subtle glow to the nails.
  • #607 DELIGHT - Luminous Bronze
Deep bronze shimmer for gorgeous bronzed nails.
  • #617 HOLIDAY - Sumptuous Bright Coral
Brave pop of colour burst with pink, orange and coral mixed in this shade.

A beautiful collection from a fail proof Chanel! Enjoy more photos...

Coming to a summer 2012 near you! This collection is set to release sometime in May and I will update the post once I have any more details!

UPDATE - International release date May 12th!

Love Love Love Chanel!

Dyno x


  1. i know i won't be able to resist the nail polish... and sable beige looks pretty irresistible as well :)

  2. @Lucy Lol Im going to try build a nail polish collection like yours now and add these Chanel ones too-yes they look gorgeous and so does the face powders!

  3. I thought the rose one was for the lighter skin?