Monday, 26 March 2012

YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick in #17 Red Muse

Silky - Sensual Radiant Lipstick with SPF 15

"Delight your senses with Rouge Volupte from YSL, the first lipstick whose incredibly unctuous texture instantly softens the lips, providing a unique sensation of pleasure plus exceptional radiant colour."

"All the magic and know-how of Yves Saint Laurent can be found in this lipstick. Both light yet rich, its creamy texture becomes fluid on contact with the lips for a smooth and pleasurable application that instantly leaves the lips feeling soft and dresses them with exceptional radiant colour."

I've been wearing YSL Rouge Volupte lipsticks for quite some time now, #17 Red Muse is a new addition to my collection, I previously own #18 Red Taboo (another red lipstick), but still had a little left and decided to purchase a different toned red lipstick rather than the same one. So picked up this little red beauty!

I absolutely LOVE these lipsticks, the word love is an understatement! I own multiple Rouge Volupte's in peach, nude, pink and red colours, because they are so lovely!

YSL Rouge Volupte #17 Red Muse is a perfect red lipstick against my golden skin tone. I wouldn't say it's a warm toned red but more of a cool toned red, it is the most perfect red I own! I think this is the ultimate and best red lipstick out there! This could be the perfect red for almost anyone but definitely for those with golden/olive skin tones! It's not a ruby red, or a plum red, or a pink red, or a orange toned red but a real true blood red!

The formula is amazing - smooth, creamy and moisturising and not to forget the classy gold expensive looking packaging. Back a few years ago this little gem of a lipstick came with a circular mirror on top of it's lid, that seems to have vanished now, why YSL? Never mind, because there is something so beautiful and luxurious about the Rouge Volupte lipsticks that I say it's phenomenal! 

My verdict: 
This lipstick is the most creamiest, most pigmented and intensly glossy formula I have ever tried or even come across! Whenever I'm at the YSL counter I may always swipe their other textured lipsticks but a swatch of any Rouge Volupte lipstick kicks every other lipstick swatches ass! 

Firstly what you swatch and see is what you get in terms of colour pay off, they are so buttery smooth and creamy they glide on like a dream, secondly they are so moisturising you can get away with not even wearing a lip balm! Glossy? Well goodbye applying lipgloss over your lippy because these babies have it all! 

YSL Rouge Volupte lipsticks are one of the best lipsticks out there, My local counter was out of #16 but I will be checking out that particular red toned lipstick too, I'll also be picking up #18 again, this has a slight pink tinge to it, but overall one of my favourite lipsticks, a total must have!

Love Rouge Volupte...Love YSL! 

Dyno x


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  3. Replies
    1. You can buy these lipsticks any department stores stocking YSL makeup.

  4. Which sites are re replica to be aware?

    1. There are many replica sites out there, you should be beware of them and do your research well before making purchases especially online.

  5. I have this one too and I looove it :))))